Pendleton for Pets!

Pendleton Pet

There’s a new way to share your love of Pendleton with your best buddy, and it’s finally here.

Good Parker gets a kiss

Pendleton Pet includes an assortment of beds, collars, leads and jackets.

Collage of pendleton Pet products and map of Pendleton parks.

All sizes are included, from the tiniest to the largest. Your dog is really going to enjoy this. And so will you, of course.

A Golden Retirever sits in the back of a rig with pendleton Pet products

These are offered in National Park blanket stripes representing U.S. National Parks; Acadia, Badlands, Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Rainier, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Glacier.  Yes, your best friend can recline in the finest Pendleton Pet style, or take his walks on a Park Stripe leash, and show his commitment to preserving our National Treasures with his Park Stripe collar and his spiffy little National Park dog coat.

Parker Pup Tent with two friends

Doesn’t your best friend deserve the best?

So check out the new line and see what’s right for your dog. And if you Instagram, please tag with #PendletonPet. We’d love to see the line at work.

And remember, your purchase of these products helps to support the National Park Foundation. 


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