10 Cutest Pictures of Pendleton Pets

Fun fact: Pets love wool.

If you have a wool blanket, your cat has probably “claimed” it as her own (and immediately covered it in fur). Cats and dogs are drawn to wool because it’s breathable and regulates heat, which keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter. An added plus for pet-lovers is that wool also naturally resists germs and dirt. Plus, it’s just plain cozy!

We’ve rounded up 10 of the absolute cutest photos of cats and dogs enjoying Pendleton gear, from wool blankets and throws to our new pet beds, leashes, collars and more. So take a few minutes for a cuteness break, and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!

Our top ten

There’s nothing better than a puppy, except maybe a puppy asleep on a Pendleton throw. Lucy, an apricot goldendoodle in Washington, dozes off on a pure virgin wool motor robe. Sweet dreams of bagel crumbs and chin scratches, Lucy.

A goldendoodle puppy asleep on a Pendleton throw.

Photo: @lucy_da_gooldendoodle

 A sleeping cat and kiddo? It’s almost too much to handle. They’re curled up on a Glacier Park knit throw in fuzzy cotton and merino wool. Ahh.

A baby and an orange cat sleeping on a Pendleton striped throw

Photo: @burtsbrisplease

We had to give some love to fellow Oregonian Thomas Guy, who took this photo of his significant other and their aptly named doodle, Laura Darling. The dog looks so soft and fluffy in our Glacier Park dog coat!

A young woman kisses her goldendoodle puppy

Photo: @thomasguy

 Lauren Gordon was originally was fostering these two kitties, Peanut and Penelope, but she fell in love with them and adopted them. Here they are on an aqua Chief Joseph blanket. (We wouldn’t have been able to resist, either.)

Two very young little kittens on a Chief Joseph Pendleton blanket

Photo: @laurenlucybean

Rooster, a Great Pyrenees, protectively cuddles newborn baby Poe as they nap on a Pendleton dog bed in Washington, D.C.

A Gret Pyrenees dog keeps her baby very safe on her Pendleton dog bed.

Photo: @tallulahalexandra

 Why are sleeping animals so cute? Barcelona photographer Raquel Fialho captured the adorable Flor (Portuguese for “flower”) snoozing on our Chief Joseph pillows in aqua and turquoise.

A small orange kitten sleeps on a pile of Pendleton Chief Joseph pillows.

Photo: @raquelfialho

 Petee the Siberian husky, shown here with one of his humans, is an Ontario pup who loves outdoor adventures—and also Pendleton’s striped leash and travel bowl!

A young man gives his husky a drink from a tin coffee cup.

Photo: @peteethehusky

Oreo the Biewer Yorkie peeks out from a Glacier stripe blanket. Clearly the tiny Bay Area pup has excellent taste.

A tiny Yorkie pup peeks out from a Pendleton Glacier Park blanket.

Photo: @oreo.bb

 You can’t help but smile at Cooper, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in San Francisco who likes romping around in the snow while his national park dog coat keeps him toasty.

A happy corgi named Cooper poses in a snowy forest, wearing his Pendleton Pet dog coat.

Photo: @littlecooperbear

Streeeetch! Peanut relaxes on a Yakima camp blanket on a lazy sunny day. Excellent idea, Peanut.

An orange cat gives a good stretch on a Pendleton Yakima Camp blanket.

Photo: @babyconstellation

 OK, which furry friend is the cutest in your book? We absolutely can’t choose. 

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Pendleton Pet

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Good Parker gets a kiss

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Collage of pendleton Pet products and map of Pendleton parks.

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A Golden Retirever sits in the back of a rig with pendleton Pet products

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Parker Pup Tent with two friends

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