David Kennedy – Saying Good-bye to a Visionary

A Man of Vision

David Kennedy. photo courtesy the College Fund

David Kennedy was one of the original partners of the pioneering ad agency Weiden + Kennedy. W+K is based in Portland, Oregon, and is known worldwide for memorable campaigns for Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and many other companies.

But what we want to talk about specifically is David Kennedy’s work with the American Indian College Fund. He was instrumental in connecting Pendleton and the College Fund in a partnership that has raised over 1.5 million dollars for scholarships through the sale of College Fund blankets and the Pendleton endowment.

History with Pendleton

Robert Christnacht, VP of Worldwide sales and former head of Pendleton’s Home division, shared some thoughts about David. According to Bob, “I am not sure of the initial contact with David and PWM, but I came on board 21 years ago and met David in the Fall of 2000. He was the most unassuming person you ever met. He always wore old Levi jeans, a black t-shirt and if he was wearing a jacket it was a hoodie. The only time I saw him in a suit was in NYC at the College Funds 30th Anniversary Gala.

“From what I understand, he grew up in Montana and the Dakotas. His dad was roughneck, so they bounced around the oil and gas fields and David was exposed to a lot of the Plains tribes. 

“David always had ideas for designs and artists for us to collaborate with. When he came to the office to work on designs, he brought several creatives with him. It was clear that he was a mentor who gave the people he worked with opportunities for creative ownership.

Bunky Echo-Hawk and David Kennedy, Kennedy is wrapped in "Patheay," the artist's blanket designed for the COllege Fund. Photo courtesy the College Fund

“He brought Kevin Red Star, Ben Night Horse Campbell, and Bunky Echo Hawk to our attention. We’re grateful for the decades we were able to work with him, and we will miss him.”

History with the College Fund

We also spoke with Dina Horwedel, who is the Director of Public Education at the American Indian College Fund, who told us that David was “such a wonderful, welcoming man with a great sense of humor.” According to Dina, “David knew Native people as part of his life growing up in Oklahoma and Montana. His father’s work meant that the family was uprooted frequently, and the Native American community welcomed him and made him feel at home.

“David worked with the blanket program at Pendleton from its earliest inception. It’s reported that when he received a letter accepting W+K’s offer of fundraising help, he ran down the hall yelling ‘Hey Hey, the American Indian College Fund wants us!’ Some of the earlier blankets were designed by David Kennedy and Patti Orlando. He directly oversaw the campaigns and was always part of every PSA brainstorming question. He sat on board of trustees, and was an emeritus trustee. He came to almost every board meeting until his health became an impediment.

“David was not only being true to Native voices, but he brought into his shop interns and employees from the Native world. His work on the latest visibility campaign – which launched on October 10th with a huge online concert – premiered the last PSA he worked on with the Fund. He passed away the same day we launched the campaign – that is poetic.

“David was instrumental with getting Native Artists to work with the blanket designs. He created a family of all the people he helped and cared about. He left us with a lot to aspire to. He was a one of a kind person and we are all going to miss him at the College Fund.”

The last PSA David worked on can be viewed here: This is Indian Country

LEE® and PENDLETON – Announcing a New Collaboration

It’s a First

A jacket from the 2021 Lee/Pendleton collaboration

We are excited to announce the launch of our first collaboration with Lee®, the iconic apparel brand known for its timeless style. This limited-edition drop reimagines essentials from almost 300 years of combined apparel experience.

Original Lee® styles such as the Lee 101™ Jean, Union-Alls® and Storm Rider® Jacket have been remixed with exclusively designed Pendleton plaids and stripes. Each legacy pattern has been reimagined in new colorways, with fabrics woven in Pendleton’s USA mills.

Cone Denim

Two models wearing clothing from the Lee/Pendleton collaboration lounge on a sofa.

The jeans are crafted and sewn in Greensboro, North Carolina. These styles feature some of the last remaining American selvedge denim from Cone Denim’s White Oak Mill, which closed in 2017. This legendary, high-quality denim is woven on vintage Draper shuttle looms that only produced 100 yards a day.  

“Pendleton’s use of beautiful color and pattern has always been a source of inspiration. Working together is a dream come true,” said Betty Madden, vice-president of global design, Lee®. “We’ve taken a fresh design approach and incorporated Cone Mills’ selvedge denim to make this collection heirloom quality with stunning craftsmanship. I’m thrilled with this collaboration.”  

“Working with Lee® was a perfect pairing. Their authentic American heritage brand echoes Pendleton’s dedication to quality, design and textile innovation,” said Peter Bishop, Pendleton’s executive vice president of merchandise and design. “With so many years of combined craftsmanship and expertise, we’re excited to see this unique apparel and blanket collection come to life.”

More Info and Where to Buy

A man and woman pose wearing Cone Denim clothes from the Lee/Pendleton collaboration, with the blanket beside them.

The collection includes men’s and women’s jeans, shirts, jackets and Union-Alls, as well as a limited-edition woolen blanket made of an exclusive Pendleton® stripe design. The collection is available on Lee® and Pendleton’s websites, and later this month in select Pendleton retailers and independent boutiques.

For more information, visit

LEE: https://www.lee.com/pendleton.html

PENDLETON: https://pendleton-usa.com

Ariat & Pendleton 2021 – the clothing.

Ariat and Pendleton part two has arrived

Ariat x Pendleton Do you remember the boots we showed you recently? Of course you do! Ariat and Pendleton Boots

We’re excited to show you the second part of this amazing collaboration for 2021; apparel for men and women that combines Ariat’s classic Western style with Pendleton’s iconic patterns.

Here is a sampler; just a peek, really, thanks to these photographers: @careeoke @celesteofthewest @cowgirl.cait

A woman in a western hat leans against a barn. She is wearing Ariat x Pendleton shirt.
A woman in a Pendleton patterned jacket by Ariat
A woman does up a man's shirt cuff. He iswearing an Ariat Pendleton shirt.
A woman in a western hat, a Pendleton Ariat shirt, and a sheepskin jacket.

There are many styles for men and women in the collection. Check out the complete looks here: Ariat Pendleton Collection

GLCO x Pendleton – A New Collaboration

SoCal Dreaming

Garret Leight California Optical (GLCO) has partnered with Pendleton Woolen Mills for a limited edition blanket inspired by GLCO’s unique hometown, Venice Beach, California. The collaboration has a wonderful artistic synergy, thanks to GLCO’s brand roots, and Pendleton’s place in Southern California’s early surf scene.

A smiling woman wearing GLCO sunglasses reclines on the GLCO x pendleton blanket

(photo copyright 2021 GLCO)

The pattern, based on the unique geometric configuration of the historic Venice Beach Canals of Los Angeles County, shines in the bright colors of Venice Beach, where the sun meets the ocean.

GLCO x Pendleton blanket flat shot, copyright 2021 GLCO

Our Collaboration Partner

Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) is an eyewear lifestyle brand founded in Venice Beach CA in 2010. The brand brings a fresh perspective to tailored eyewear by blending classic and new, the iconic and the innovative in optical and sunglass collections handcrafted of the finest quality material.

So of course the pattern will also adorn a bespoke eyewear case! The case fits all styles of eyewear. It’s finished in the same whipstitch binding as the blanket, with a soft lens-friendly lining. No two of these cases will be alike.

GLCO x PWM blanket with the glasses case. 
Photo copyright 2021 GLCO)

Garrett Leight, Founder & CEO of GLCO, said, “I’ve been collecting Pendleton flannels for over two decades. So, when the opportunity arose to partner with this amazing heritage brand I had to jump all over it. Pendleton is the expert in what they do and are well known for world-class wools and fabrics. I’m excited to release a collaboration that embraces the roots of my hometown.”

Mill Time

The blanket draped over a white sofa. (photo copyright 2021 GLCO)

The blanket and case are made with wool woven in our USA mills. Enjoy the mill action here.

Here is a back view of the fabric on the roller.

GLCO x Pendleton blanket on the loom, copyright PWM 2021

The Canals

Those blues and yellows bring the blanket to life in the colors of California; especially the colors of sunny Venice Beach, an artsy, edgy neighborhood that’s home to the famous Venice Canals. These iconic waterways were designed by Abbott Kinney in 1905. Kinney wanted to bring the look and feel of Venice, Italy, to Los Angeles County.

1910 real estate flyer photo-Public domain By Venice Chamber of Commerce
 http://dbase1.lapl.org/webpics/calindex/documents/12/521439.pdf, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32203441)

His original network of seven canals was soon joined by six more (the New Amsterdam canals). The Venetian ambience included gondolas with singing gondoliers who poled their way through this picturesque and beautiful seaside resort town. But when America’s love affair with the automobile heated up in 1920, the canals fell into disuse. Seven canals were filled in to make room for roads, and by 1940, the remaining six fell into disrepair. In 1992, those six canals were renovated and reopened.

Venice CA canal bridge unsplash photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Today, the canals form a waterway through one of the most beautiful and desirable residential neighborhoods in the area, a National Historic Site since 1982.

Venice Canal CA homes, Photo by tamara garcevic on Unsplash

Photo by tamara garcevic on Unsplash

Where to Find the Blanket

The limited edition blanket and custom eyewear case will be available starting October 19, 2021 on garrettleight.com, garrettleight.eu, and GLCO retail stores nationwide.

A young woman wrapped in a blanket stands in front of greenery

(photo copyright 2021 GLCO)
Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton

Oregon Home, Miller Paint, and Pendleton

Down to Earth

We were excited to help with a recent feature in Oregon Home Magazine, working with Miller Paint to showcase the power of earthy neutrals. According to Apartment Therapy, “A neutral is a color without much intensity or saturation—a color that’s lacking in color, if you will, which generally goes with everything. Think tans, beiges, ivories, creams, whites, blacks, and grays.” Oregon Home included more soothing earth tones, while keeping the palette gentle.

A Pacific Northwest living room in earthy neutral tones featuring the Sandhills Pendleton blanket. Photo by Oregon home magazine, used with permission.

Our Home Store staff was part this project (thanks, team!), bringing their Pendleton design expertise to play in choosing blankets that show the softer side of Pendleton patterns.

According to the feature:

This season’s color palettes draw inspiration from the ground up. Earthy is in. “Whites are shifting from bright and stark to earthy tones touched with raw umber,” says Puji Sherer, director of color marketing for Portland-based Miller Paint. “Grays are giving way to gentle browns and beiges. Even though Pendleton designs are typically very angular and dynamic, the subdued color palette in this one makes it easy to live with in any interior environment.” Oregon Home collaborated with Miller Paint and Pendleton Home on this design for a cozy, on-trend gathering space.

A Pacific Northwest living room in earthy neutral tones featuring the White Sands Pendleton blanket. Photo by Oregon home magazine, used with permission.

We agree. The power of this palette is soothing and understated, but still strong. Our geometric patterns allow for all kinds of subtle colorplay.

Some of our favorite blankets tie in with this palette.

The article featured three beautiful Pendleton blankets; Sandhills, White Sands, and Wyeth Trail.

We love these blankets for their natural tones and offer more in this palette; 5th Avenue striped throw, Juniper Mesa, Prairie Rush Hour, and Kitts Peak, which has a little kick of dark wine red.

Interested in a little DIY?

A Pacific Northwest living room in earthy neutral tones showing a painted wall motif. Photo by Oregon home magazine, used with permission.

Visit millerpaint.com/paint-this-pendleton-wall for a DIY showing how you can recreate the Pendleton-inspired wall design in your own home.

Miller Paint colors used:

  • Fireplace Mantel 0569
  • Elusive White 0002
  • Light Lichen 0211
  • Rich Reward 0302
  • Golden Buff 0288
Miller Paint supplies, along with a swatch set, level, stencil, paintbrush, and painter tape. Photo by Oregon Home and Miller Paint, used with permission.

See the Oregon Home feature here: Down to Earth

See all blankets here: Pendleton Blankets

Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton

The American Indian College Fund Blankets

Proud Partnership

Pendleton is proud to partner with the American Indian College Fund on blankets which help support the mission of the College Fund, empowering communities through scholarships and education. Through sales of these blankets and other contributions, the Pendleton Endowment has grown to over 1.6 million dollars.

You can read more about our work with the College Fund here: Partnership

So let’s take a look at just a few of these special blankets, designed by Native American designers.

Pathway by Bunky Echo-Hawk

Bunky Echo-Hawk (Pawnee/Yakama) is an internationally recognized visual and performing artist. His provocative, exuberant work is exhibited in private collections, galleries and museums throughout the world. He has done design work for non-profit organizations and tribal communities, VANS, and more. He has been designing the Nike N7 collection since 2010. He has painted murals in various tribal communities, towns, and public places, and recently installed a mural in American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, the home of the Miami Heat. His design for the Pathway blanket is best described in his own words.

Echo-Hawk has saturated his modern design with traditional Pawnee symbology. Red, white, yellow, and black signify the four races of humankind, the four stages of life, the semi-cardinal directions, and animals, plants, and stars associated with those directions. Bands of turquoise surround the design as Sky surrounds Earth. Black and red parfleche elements from Pawnee burden straps alternate with four-pointed stars of the Milky Way, or Path of Departed Spirits. A winding path through the blanket’s center traces life’s journey.

You can see the blanket here: Pathway 

7 Generations by Tracie Jackson for Nike N7

7 Generations wool blanket by Pendleton for the College Fund.
Photo courtesy Nike

In addition to its place the College Fund blanket program, the “7 Generations” blanket is part of our partnership with Nike’s N7 Fund, a trust whose mission is to bring sports to Native American and Aboriginal communities in the US and Canada.

Designer Tracie Jackson sits on a stage wearing Nike N7 gear she designed.
Photo self-taken by Tracie Jackson for Nike N7, copyright 2019

This blanket was designed by Tracie Jackson, a Diné artist and designer from Star Mountain in the Navajo Nation. She is a 4th generation artisan. Her grandparents and mother are silversmiths, and both her maternal great grandmothers are rug weavers. Her family encouraged her to study the traditional art forms of her tribe, and with their support she became a painter, jeweler, beader, and graphic designer. Tracie studied design at the University of Oregon and currently works in Portland, Oregon, designing for the Nike N7 program. This has been her dream job since she was 14 years old, when she first saw N7 at a Native basketball tournament. “I was taught to get an education and use it to help our Native community, which pushed me to become a designer for N7.”

Front and back views of the new N7/College Fund blanket by Pendleton

This USA-made wool blanket illustrates the past, present and future of Native peoples. The central N7 motif represents the impact of each person (the diamond) on the three generations before and after (arrows). A storm pattern with zigzags of lightning honors heritage, while steps show the path to overcoming life’s challenges. The rich colors were inspired by traditional dyes, and reflect the beauty of the southwestern landscape.

You can see the blanket here: 7 Generations

Logo for the American Indian College Fund

Ariat and Pendleton for 2021 – the Boots!

Exclusive Pendleton patterns on all-leather Ariat Boots?

Count us in.

Pendleton Dixon Western Boot (Women’s)

We’re excited to announce another collaboration with Ariat, International, the leading manufacturer of performance equestrian footwear. Ariat pioneered the application of advanced athletic shoe technology into riding boots that are as wearable as they are beautiful.

The collaboration showcases three boot styles.

Pendleton Dixon Western Boot (Women’s)

  • Premium full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Classic Pendleton® prints
  • Classic four-row stitch pattern
  • Hand-nailed, color stained leather sole
Pendleton Dixon Western Boot (Women’s)

Pendleton Circuit Savanna Western Boot (Women’s)

  • Full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Leather lining
  • Classic Pendleton® prints on upper
  • Color stained, scoured and distressed leather sole
Pendleton Circuit Savanna Western Boot (Women’s)

Circuit Pendleton Western Boot (Men’s)

  • Full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Leather lining
  • Classic Pendleton® prints on upper
  • Duratread™ heel tap for wear resistance
Circuit Pendleton Western Boot (Men’s)

More on the Way

Pendleton Dixon Western Boot (Women’s)

Ariat and Pendleton clothing styles are coming in October and November. So stay tuned!

You can learn even more about the boots and their quality construction features here:

Ariat and Pendleton for 2021

Andre Walker, the Met Costume Institute, and Pendleton

A Beautiful Exhibit

Hallway leading to the American Style exhibit at the Met Costume Institute, photo courtesy Artnet

In 2018, we worked with iconic designer Andre Walker to provide fabrics for recreations of some of his most iconic styles. Pieces from this collection are part of an important new exhibit on American style at the Met Costume Institute.

According to Artnet News

One of Andre Walker's designs, featured in the exhibit, using Pendleton's Glacier National Park stripe fabric. Photo courtesy Artnet.

The exhibition, in the Anna Wintour Costume Center, is based around the concept of a patchwork quilt, with each square representing a feeling that corresponds to the spirit of a particular garment or runway collection. Feelings like warmth and comfort are visualized through a blanket-coat that Andre Walker designed with Pendleton Woolen Mills, paying homage to the Oregon-based company that was founded in 1863, and Oscar de la Renta’s floral-festooned dresses—over the years favored by Taylor Swift and Wintour herself—represent joy and delight.

We are extremely proud to be part of this exhibit!

More Information

See more featured designs and read the feature here: Artnet News

Read about our 2018 work with Andre here: Pendleton on the Runway