The Force Awakens! Pendleton and Star Wars

The Force Awakens

star_wars_episode_vii__the_force_awakens_movie poster, used with permission

Many of you, and some of us (at Pendleton) will be there at midnight tonight to see “The Force Awakens.” We thought it would be a great day to show you our Padawan blankets; the crib-sized versions of our full-size Star Wars collectors blankets.

A New Hope Padawan Blanket

A new Hope Padawan blanket

The Empire Strikes Back Padawan

The Empire Strikes Back padawan blanket

These are 32″ x 44″, with slightly modified designs that omit the easter eggs and “STAR WARS” logo that appears when you join together the four large blankets. The Padawans are napped to be soft and fuzzy. Because the Dark Lord needs a little soft and fuzzy, doesn’t he?

All 4 full-sized Star Wars blankets, shown as a full set.

The Ultimate Collector’s Set

1977 changed everything…and so will 2015!