A Pendleton coat travels the world!

A young woman in a Pendleton coat stands before a church with gold onion domes.

The Plaid Heard Round the World

Patricia sent us the following story about a world-traveling Pendleton coat (seen above in St. Petersburg). And we love it!

Fifty-four years ago this month, my new husband bought me a full length, lined, red plaid Pendleton coat at a store in Bangor, Maine. I loved that coat and for many years it kept me warm. After having two children, I “grew” but my coat did not. Unable to part with it, I found a home for it in the back of a closet. Years later my older daughter saw it and asked if she could take it to college with her. I was happy to have it in use again. After four years at the University of Minnesota, the coat found its way back to my closet.

Fast forward to last summer, when my granddaughter Emily discovered it and asked if she could take it to college. It needed repairs to the lining which I was able to make. My granddaughter rolled it into a tight ball and stuffed it into her backpack as she boarded a plane for her junior year in St. Petersburg, Russia. Here are pictures of my granddaughter wearing it in Russia, Scotland, and the Czech Republic.


Two young women in Prague A young woman in a vintage Pendleton coat stands before Prague's Dance House.

In Prague with a friend, and in front of the Dance House

A young woman stands looking out at the water in Maine.

On Bailey Island, Maine

This past month the coat once again landed in my lap and this time the repairs to the lining were more extensive. I asked my granddaughter if perhaps it wasn’t time for me to take the wool plaid and make pillows for her room. Emily was horrified and I had to agree that the coat itself was in great shape and just the lining was falling apart. I have finished the repairs and the coat will spend this year at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

My husband paid $50 for that coat and it was well worth the money. As I looked at these pictures, I noticed how beautifully the lines of the plaid match across the sleeves and the body of the coat and how the side seams match as well. It’s such great attention to detail. That’s Pendleton for you. Three generations of us have loved wearing it and I’m pretty sure it has more years of wear left. Maybe a fourth generation will take my coat to college. 

A young woman in a Pendleton coat stands looking at the Three Sisters peaks in Glencoe, Scotland.

The Three Sisters of Glencoe, Scotland

Thank you Patricia and Emily!

We love your story, your photos and your coat. All photos used with permission. If any other readers have a wonderful Pendleton story to share, contact us at PendletonWM@penmills.com.

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