Resting Place by Logan Maxwell Hagege

Resting Place by Logan Maxwell Hagege

Pendleton is proud to present a new blanket in our Artist Collection, “Resting Place” by Logan Maxwell Hagege.

Pendleton Resting Place blanket


A well-worn hat on a split-rail fence offers a moment of respite for the rider who hung it there, as its rounded shape offers a centered counterbalance to the horizontal sweep of mountain buttes and fence rails behind it. Logan Maxwell Hagege is a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist whose modern visions of the American West use repeating shapes to create a visual narrative for each composition, distilling shapes to their essence while celebrating their complexity.

Learn more about this blanket at Resting Place


Here is the painting from which this design was adapted.

Hagege creates works that are celebrated for their harmonious composition, texture, and depth. This blanket offers a rare opportunity to own a work by one of the most celebrated contemporary artists of the American West. You can learn more about his art at his website: LOGAN MAXWELL HAGEGE

Enjoy a video of his “Dear Old Western Sky” exhibition at the Maxwell Alexander Gallery here:

“Resting Place” joins “A Horse Called Paint” by Judd Thompson in Pendleton’s Artists Collection. Learn more here: “A Horse Called Paint

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