C&I Magazine’s Spring Fashion Issue

Looking Ahead to Warmer Days

Spring is getting here, we hope, and Cowboys & Indians is making us look fantastic in their latest Spring Fashion Issue.

Cowboys & Indians Spring fashion shoot - Mannequins with fun Western outfits

 Our women’s Denim Shirt with an adorable afghan skirt!

Cowboys & Indians Spring fashion shoot - Model stands by barn

Our Mixed Media Shell makes a perfect first layer.

Cowboys & Indians Spring fashion shoot - Couple in barn, man has on a Pendleton Frontier shirt

Everyone loves our Frontier shirt.

Cowboys & Indians Spring fashion shoot - two men in Western shirts standing in a barn

Our original High Grade Westernwear wool shirt, the Canyon.

Cowboys & Indians Cover_4_15-2

Looking Back to Another Fun Shoot

We always love to see what C&I does with Pendleton! Here’s one of our favorite shoots from a few years ago.

Cowboys & Indians Spring fashion shoot - a couple smiling in front of a green farmhouse

Couple in western clothes smiling at each other

So go get your Spring on! It’s about time, yes?

All photos used with permission, courtesy Cowboys & Indians magazine


BUST magazine and the Prettiots take Pendleton to Some New Old Places

The Prettiots in BUST

November 2014 photo spread from Bust magazine with vintage Impala.

We love going new places, even when they are old places, like “To Sir With Love,” or Petula Clark’s “Downtown.”

November 2014 photo spread from Bust magazine with members of the band.
November 2014 photo spread from Bust magazine with members of the band.

Retro Style

The early sixties were a time when the hair got taller, the eyeliner went on thicker, the skirts got shorter and music was pretty wonderful. This editorial captures it perfectly with the Prettiots wearing our Pendleton socks, plaid shirt dress, and Park Stripe pullover.

Bad girls with the voices of angels stretch from Dusty Springfield to the original Lulu to Amy Winehouse to a new generation with the Prettiots; Kay Kasparhauser, Lulu Prat, Rachel Tachtenburg.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride, girls.

POPEYE magazine–Japan’s Take on Surf Pendleton

Japan is talking about Pendleton.


Spread of Pendleton in Popeye magazine

Spread of Pendleton in Popeye magazine

What is Popeye saying about us? As usual with Japanese PR, we have only a vague idea of what’s been written, here. We do know these travel spreads are alive with enthusiasm and full of Pendleton. Our Reyn Spooner Kloth shirts are shown, as well as the Surf madras shirts , and towels, and muchacho blankets, and hey, that’s our CEO, Mark Korros, relaxing at the Pendleton Home Store!

Korros relaxing in the Home store

Our favorite is this shot with the Original Surf Plaid Board Shirt as worn by the Beach Boys way back when.

Popeye_Board_Shirt - a laughing man wearing a Board Shirt

Thanks to POPEYE for the visit and for the press. All photos are used with permission.

“The Pendleton” featuring Luke Ditella for PONYBOY

PONYBOY alternative fashion

We’re just a little bit crazy for these images shot by PO­­­NYBOY featuring Luke Ditella in vintage Pendleton wool shirts.


Luke is a surfer (read about him at The Surfer’s View ) who works with Click Models NY.


As the magazine says, “We were pleased to feature Luke, and his rugged good-looks worked so well for this story.” He models an array of classic Pendleton plaids from tartan to exploded to ombre to check to glen to windowpane, shown tucked into high-waisted vintage wool dress slacks.


And, he wears a solid wool shirt reminiscent of the Tony shirt we have at pendleton-usa.com this spring.


Decades of Shirts

Based on the plaids and lengths of the collar points, we see shirts from nearly every decade we’ve been making wool shirts in our nine decades of quality shirtmaking. Check out our Instagrams tagged #pendleton9decades to see some of the recreated shirts we’re doing this fall to celebrate. And you can follow Luke’s Instagram at @LUKEDITELLA.

See the full Ponyboy feature here with many more shirts.