White Sands for Subtle Beauty


A New Favorite

The White Sands blanket is a customer favorite for 2018. The pattern has been generating excitement from the earliest days of its development in our blanket design studio. Our team was inspired by the landscape, flora and adobe architecture of the American Southwest, reflected in paint hues reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe.

The blanket’s sun-bleached colors and subtle geometrics reflect the story of one of North America’s unearthly landscapes, the White Sands National Monument.

Learn more here: White Sands National Monument.


White Sands

Shifting dunes of shining white crystal rise from the Tularosa Basin at New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument. Erosion from the surrounding mountains constantly replenishes the world’s largest gypsum dunefield, encompassing 275 square miles. During the day, the dunes shine white against the blue sky. At sunset, the sands glow with vibrant hues of twilight, while desert flora—yucca, cholla, rice grass and more – reach toward the last rays of the setting sun.

See the blanket here: White Sands

We designed selected pieces of women’s apparel with this pattern; two pieces of outerwear and a relaxed cocoon cardigan.


Are you loving White Sands?

You can wear it, sleep under it, and more. Find this pattern in additional items for the home; a comforter, pillow, shams, and towels. The Cotton Quilt is another favorite.


See the quilt here: White Sands Cotton Quilt

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