Pendleton Towels, ready for Summer Fun

A group of children stand on a dock by a lake, all wrapped in colorful patterned Pendleton beach towels.

Customer photo used with permission; all rights reserved

Pendleton Beach & Spa Towels for Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to put your Pendleton towels to work. We are making that a little easier for you with a sale that runs through Monday, July 15th, 2019. All our beach/spa towels are on sale for only 39.99 – check it out at your local Pendleton store, or at our website:

A young man with brushy blond hair dries his face with a Pendleton Spider Rock patterned beach towel.

Photo by Max Mueller; all rights reserved

The reviews on these towels tell the story.

“These towels are dense, luxurious and beautifully designed. I bought two at the Grand Canyon gift shop and since then have a growing collection of these cool designs. I love Pendleton so much that I recently gave their hoodie towel as a baby gift.” – Austin T X

“I buy one a year and have also received 2 as gifts. Love these towels. They’re like art pieces hanging in my bathroom and they double as a blanket for outdoor concerts.” – Pacific NW

“It’s almost embarrassing how much I absolutely love these towels. I wanted something beautifully made, luxuriously big and super absorbent to have ready for sunny days by the pool. The hanging loop is a nice extra touch–though I keep them rolled in a big wire basket by the door because they are gorgeous enough to keep out on display.” – Scottsdale AZ

“I bought one of these towels for my husband for Christmas and we loved it so much we bought three more for ourselves and two as gifts. They are so absorbent and yet thin enough to dry out quickly, even in a city as humid as Houston.” – Houston TX

A young woman wrapped in an orange Pendleton beach towel stands on a wooden deck, looking at a swimming pool. Her back is to the camera and she is wearing a straw hat.

Photo by Joe Goger; all rights reserved

Made in Green

But wait, there’s more! These towels are more than beautiful. With cotton production and manufacture under scrutiny today, we are extremely proud of our OEKO-TEX® Made in Green certification.

What exactly does this mean? These towels are made following environmentally-friendly standards and under safe, socially responsible working conditions as certified by OEKO-TEX®. OEKO-TEX® Made in Green is an independent textile label that ensures products are made without harmful substances, using environmentally friendly processes under safe and socially responsible working conditions.

Two little girls who look like sisters, with blond braided hair, stand in front of water, wrapped in Pendleton beach towels.

Customer photo used with permission; all rights reserved

See the full selection here: Pendleton Spa/Beach Towels 

And wherever you take your Pendleton towels–pool, spa, lakeside, beach or backyard–have a fantastic summer!

A Pendleton Canyonland beach towel spread on a lake. A woman's lower legs and feet, clad in jeans and beautiful Manitobah moccassins, extend over green lake water that shines with pinpoints of sunlight.

Photo by Rebecca Amber for Pendleton Canada; all rights reserved