The Alpacas are coming!

An alpaca and a lama pose outside the office doors of Wieden+Kennedy.

Alpaca is coming!

We’re excited about alpaca at Pendleton this year, because we have some truly stunning items that use this gorgeous fiber  The sure-footed Alpaca originated in the Andes, where it grazes gently, without damaging root systems. Its fine, lustrous fleece evolved to meet the challenge of high mountains and cold temperatures. The result is a soft, sustainable luxury fiber that’s warmer than lambswool. Durable, lightweight and hypoallergenic alpaca fiber will keep its strength and luster for generations.

A men's sweater in knit alpaca, in soft grey/beige stripes.
A model stands in profile, wearing a reversible cape of alpaca wool. One side is blue and grey plaid, the other is charcoal grey, with a light grey binding.
A reversible alpaca throw. One side is a blue/grey plaid, the other is charcoal grey, with a light grey binding.

Oregon Alpacas

So that got us thinking–this is Oregon, which is basically Alpaca Central. Couldn’t we get up close and personal with one of these adorable camelids?

An alpaca and a lama pose outside a Portland, Oregon coffee bar.

It turns out we can.

Jean-Pierre the Alpaca and Napolean the Alpaca will visit the Pendleton Park Avenue West store on Sunday, December 2 from 1pm to 3pm. These friendly, well-groomed therapy animals love attention. So stop by to say hello to this adorable duo. They will be happy to pose for photos, and we will even have a Pendleton photo booth for you!