Pendleton’s Cotton Quilts & Blankets for Warmer Weather

Pendleton cotton quilt sets

Spring Options for your Bed

Spring is on the way, and Pendleton’s cotton quilts and blankets are a beautiful way to make a home ready for the warmer days ahead.

All our current options are here: Cotton for the Bed by Pendleton

Cotton Quilt Sets by Pendleton


This year’s runaway favorite blanket is now a cotton quilt set. Shifting dunes of shining white crystal rise from the Tularosa Basin at New Mexico’s White Sands   National Monument. Erosion from the surrounding mountains constantly replenishes the world’s largest gypsum dunefield, encompassing 275 square miles. During the day, the dunes shine white against the blue sky. At sunset, the sands glow with vibrant hues of twilight, while desert flora—yucca, cholla, rice grass and more – reach toward the last rays of the setting sun.

The Pendleton Saguaro cotton quilt set

We have used this pattern as a Heritage Collection blanket (now retired) and in three colors for our muchacho baby blankets (also retired). Now we bring Saguaro to a cotton quilt set. The saguaro is the largest and most recognized cactus in the world, and stands as a symbol of the desert Southwest. Its upraised arms bloom with white flowers in the spring, red fruit in the summer, and protective spines all year round. In the right conditions, these slow-growing giants rise to 60 feet and live for 200 years. A blanket from the earliest days of Pendleton Woolen Mills inspired this design, in which serrated bands show the arrival of dusk in the desert. The setting sun plays across the sand, cacti and mountains of the Sonoran desertscape.

The Pendleton Sierra Madre cotton quilt set

Sierra Madre works in cool greys and blues in a pattern inspired by the beautiful star quilts of Native American quilters.

The Pendleton GLacier national Park cotton quilt set

Don’t forget our favorite; the Glacier Park stripe, as iconic today as when we brought it out to commemorate the opening of Glacier National Park in the early 1900s. Modeled after the popular “candy stripe” blankets of the day, it’s a classic!

THe Pendleton Arrowhead cotton quilt set

Another favorite is the Arrowhead Quilt. This design takes a smaller element from the Pendleton Arrowhead blanket and makes it large! Can you see the arrow-shaped details in the stitch pattern? Such a special touch.

THe Pendleton Conejos cotton quilt set

For fans of neutrals, Conejos has sand/grey hues that are perfect for soothing decor. This pattern is drawn from the retired Pendleton Conejos blanket, which was vivid in coloration; green and purple on a grey background.


The Crossroads quilt is a simplified version of our Crossroads pattern, with a large central motif drawn from one of the elements of this vintage-inspired blanket. You can read more about the pattern (and see the amazing vintage coat that inspired us to make it again) here: Crossroads.

The Pendleton Talise River cotton quilt set

Talise River draws on Pendleton’s plaid expertise, especially the warm woolen plaids of our Board Shirt. This cotton quilt uses plaids, solids and ticking stripes. The arrowhead-shaped piecing makes it very Pendleton, don’t you think?


Sierra’s pattern takes us way back to the earliest days of the blanket loom, when looms couldn’t weave in diagonal lines. Patterns were composed of lines, dots and dashes. We brought this pattern out in some cool shades of blue, too. You can see this quilt used in actor Tahj Mowry’s home here: HGTV

Sierra Blue

Duvet Cover Set

The Pendleton Rio Canyon cotton duvet cover setWe also have a gorgeous cotton duvet cover and sham set, too! Rio Canyon uses design elements from the Rio Canyon blanket, inspired by the narrow slot canyons of the American Southwest. These geographic wonders have spiritual significance to local tribes. Carved over eons by streams, rivers and washes that now run dry, the canyon walls today reveal colorful layers of Navajo Sandstone and a rich geologic history. In times past, Navajo carefully entered these deep formations, mindful of the presence of the Great Spirit. Our Rio Canyon design nods to this magical beauty and the subtle striations of color revealed by water moving through stone.

Cotton Blankets

Check out our beautiful cotton blankets and throws, great for beds–and living rooms. Willow Basket on the left, Pima Canyon on the right. We also have a gorgeous quilt-inspired pattern called Yuma Star. These blankets are expertly woven for us in Germany, home to some of the finest cotton looms in the world.

Pendleton cotton bed blankets hanging from hooks against a white wall

All our current options are here: Cotton for the Bed by Pendleton

Remember–think spring!

Mushroom Hunting with Pendleton and Ashley Rodriguez

Cooking in the Wild

Ashley Rodriguez is hosting a new web series called “Kitchen Unnecessary”–and it’s so much fun.

Learn more here: Kitchen Unnecessary

As her site says,

Outside cooking is not just for the summer. This series shows you the magic of cooking seasonal ingredients outside all year long. Rain or shine – or snow, Ashley Rodriguez and her guests will take you outside to show you how to embrace cooking outdoors.

On each episode, we will show you how to plan, prep and prepare a seasonal and local menu that you can prepare and enjoy outside. Cooking outside with seasonal and local ingredients, we do not sacrifice taste or technique, but we add a whole new layer of experience and memories that last long after the food is gone.

The Video

Enjoy this charming video below (the sheer enthusiasm of her mushroom expert is contagious), and yes, watch for the Pendleton appearance!

Don’t you want some of that pumpkin fondue? You’re on your own for harvesting wild mushrooms, but the throw can be found here: Glacier Park 5th Avenue Throw

Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton

A Park Memory: Susan Karlstrom for Glacier National Park

A special customer, a special memory

Ed. note: Please enjoy this special customer memory from Susan Karlstrom. It’s a special one! Please note, the Glacier blanket in question has been renamed “Crown of the Continent,” one of the beautiful names for this magnificent park.

For Christmas this year my husband gave me the Glacier National Park 100th Anniversary blanket.  It’s beautiful with the profile of the Garden wall, as seen from Lake McDonald.  This is the view from my favorite spot on Earth.  The west end of the lake.

hands hold a cell phone showing a photo of Glacier National park, next to the silhouette of the glaciers on a Pendleton blanket.

My father was a naturalist for the park. As a child, the day after school was out we hit the road, Michigan to Montana in 3 days.  We had to get to the park to start our summer.

A photo of a father and two children from the 1970s.

My brother and I “grew up” in Glacier.  No tv, no phone, just outside and everything the park had to offer.  Woods, trails, streams, rivers, snow, bears, that was our summer adventure.

A young Susan Karlstrom in her overalls.

My mother was confident in our “bear skills” and always knew we would come home when hungry.  We always did.  


Now, I sit with my Glacier park blanket, in Michigan, and tell my children of my incredible experiences in Glacier. I am fortunate that my family wants to return with me to Glacier and explore it together.

I still get a feeling deep in me that says it’s time to go back and to see, smell and feel Glacier, to reconnect with the park.   Fortunately, my husband is ready to go.   Now, my kids look at me and say it’s time to go back.  I could not agree more.  I am thankful it’s in them.

I am thankful that this beautiful blanket keeps us warm and keeps us planning for the next trip to Glacier this summer! The blanket is so special to me.  Someday, I know I will wrap my grandchildren in it and foster their love for Glacier too. Thank you for creating it!

Susan Karlstrom

The Crown of the Continent Pendleton blanket

See the blanket here: Glacier National Park 100th Anniversary Blanket