What’s Brewing Around Here? Pendleton Perks, That’s What.

A photo of the Pendleton Perks customer loyalty reward card, with the words, "Introducing Pendleton Perks"

A new way to save

You have a wallet full of them, but you’ll want to hold on to ours. Your Pendleton Perks card offers even more buzz than your local coffeehouse.

It’s pretty simple. When you purchase $100 in merchandise from our retail shops, we’ll give you a stamp. These little stamps will eventually earn you $50.00 to redeem the next time you shop.

Sign up already!

We’ll be running double stamp events and special appreciation events, so what are you waiting for?

Pendleton Perks: It’s not just for lattes anymore.

Another photo of the Pendleton Perks card, with the words, "It's easy. For every $100 purchase, you'll receive a stamp on your Pendleton Perks card. COllect 10 stamps and you'll receive a $50 gift card to use on your next visit."