“The New West” By Pendleton for Levi’s© Made and Crafted™

Inspired by Two Cities

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A blanket held by a person flutters in the wind

Levi’s© Made and Crafted™ collection for Fall 2014/Winter 2015  takes inspiration from the architecture of Seattle and Portland, two cities that inhabit the wild landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Natural beauty is almost taken for granted here. Sometimes it takes  appreciation from outside the area to help us remember the wonder of our region.

Seattle skyline via Wikicommons
Portland skyline via Wikicommons

One city is built along Puget Sound, and the other is bisected by the Willamette River and bordered by the mighty Columbia. The Cascade Mountains tower behind the Seattle skyline, resembling clouds. Both cities sit near inactive volcanoes; Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood. The designers for Levi’s have used this interplay of  city and mountain, indoors and outdoors, old and new, to inspire their newest Made and Crafted™ collection. The silhouettes, texture and color palette reflect the natural and manmade beauty, with a nod to the Northern Lights for good measure.

The Blanket

Using these deep natural inspirations, Levi’s© has partnered with Pendleton Woolen Mills to portray the  landscapes of the Pacific Northwest with shades of indigo to reflect Levi’s© rich history with denim.

The Levi's x pendleton blanket, flat and folded

This beautiful blanket is available at Pendleton-usa.com. We suggest you take it along on your next adventure.


A woman holds up the Levi's x pendleton blanket

A woman sits on the Levi's x Pendleton blanket staring at the mountains

Photos by Hunter Lawrence 2014©. All rights reserved by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton