April Showers and Pendleton Rainwear

A woman wearing a Pendleton rain slicker walks her dog in a mossy, ferny forest.

Pacific Northwest Rainy Days

The Pacific Northwest is famous for rainy spring weather, and this year is no exception. But a little moisture (or a lot) doesn’t stop us from getting out and about—which calls for rainwear!

A woman wearing a Pendleton rain slicker walks two Husky dogs in a mossy, ferny forest.

Women’s Rainwear

Pendleton’s signature rainwear is engineered to keep you comfortable, with fabrics that join the water-resistance of polyurethane with the breathability of cotton, and seam-seal technology. From the hood to the snaps, our coats are designed to stay dry.

A woman in jeans and red Pendleton rain boots steps over some wet, mossy bracken, with her red dog.

Pendleton Rain Boots

When it’s time to hit the trail, slip on some Pendleton rain boots! Padded for comfort and support, dry for any weather.


We have plaids, jacquard-inspired tonal patterns, and National Park boots in three heights. With the right Pendleton rain jacket and a pair of Pendleton rain boots, you’re ready to take on the wettest spring.

A woman stands on a grassy point, looking out over a bay. She is wearing a Pendleton rain slicker.

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Three women pose in the studio, wearing Pendleton rain slickers.

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Shots 1, 2, 5: Danielle Visco for Zoom Zoom Creative

Shots 3, 4: Kristen Frasca, @kristenfrasca