Father Winter for Holiday 2014

A Holiday Tradition

It’s time to say hello to Father Winter!


He is all decked out in Chimayo fabric, which will certainly keep him warm as he treks across the world bringing presents. This collector’s dream carries Native American-inspired baskets and his own little tree.

He looks impressive with the Father Winters from years past.

fatherwinter_all from 2011 through 2014


Father Winter would look most festive displayed with our snowglobes.


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Father Winter for Holiday 2013

It’s Time for Winter

With the first day of winter just around the corner, it’s only fitting that we say hello to this year’s Father Winter. Resplendent in a robe of Feather Storm wool fabric, he carries a dream catcher. His natural feathers and fur trims are gathered by the craftsman who makes him for us here in the USA.

father_winter for 2013 by Pendleton

He looks beautiful displayed with one of our snow globes.

Pendleton snowglobes

Hope your season is fun and full of the special things that make it happy.

Father Winter for 2012

A Yearly Visitor

As the holiday nears, it’s time for a visit from Pendleton’s Father Winter.

2012 Father Winter

 Father Winter is a distinctly American take on Father Christmas.  His robe is cut and sewn of Pendleton wool in the Evening Star jacquard , with natural fur and feather trims.  He carries a staff and bag with woodland accents and has an incredibly soft white beard.  We think that he has a little more rugged mystery than the standard Santa; a sense of dark  forests with snow underfoot and stars overhead.

Last Year

2012’s Father Winter takes his place beside the 2011 Father Winter.

2011 Father Winter

Each and every Father Winter is handmade for Pendleton by Anita Baptiste, an artist in Chandler, Arizona.  Ms. Baptiste works with the rich colors of our wool to create a harmonious blend of natural elements.  She’s planning a beautiful Father Winter for next year, which we will introduce this summer.

So hang those stockings and light those candles.  And though Father Winter looks like he might prefer pemmican, go ahead and leave him some cookies.  Some traditions never need changing.

Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton