New Blankets for Spring

Celebrating the Coast

This Spring, we have two new wool blankets that honor two beautiful coastal spots; Falcon Cove and Point Reyes.

A picnic set up on Pendleton blankets

Point Reyes

Point Reyes is a magnificent stretch of coast in California.

Chimeny Rock on Point Reyes, Californiaphoto by King of Hearts (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0]], via Wikimedia Commons

The first inhabitants of California’s Point Reyes were the peaceful Coast Miwok, who lived in harmony with the seasons through gathering, fishing and hunting. Spring brought roots, bulbs, nettles, clover and lettuce, and beaches full of kelp. In summer, grasses and flowers surrendered their ripe seeds. Fall brought nuts, buckeye, bay and hazel. Trapping and arrow hunting brought in forest birds, rabbits and deer. Dip net fishing and shellfish harvest provided food year round. The Coast Miwok also used Nature’s gifts as builders and artisans. They fashioned highly sought-after trade beads from empty shells, and elaborate crown-style headdresses made from flicker, the long, narrow flight feathers of a birdwing.

To see one of these beautiful headdresses, we suggest you visit the site of photographer Lee Rentz: Miwok headdress


See the blanket here: POINT REYES

Falcon Cove

Falcon Cove is a hidden beach on Oregon’s coastline.

"Magic Rocks Beach" at Falcon Cove on the Oregon coastline

This secluded spot is home to “Magic Rocks Beach,” where ocean-tumbled stones make a rumbling music when washed by the tides. The natural hues of sand, grasses and seaside bluffs are arranged in a balanced pattern that represents the harmony of this beautiful stretch of coastline, where thousands of birds nest each year. This misty, rain-washed country is the traditional home of the Clatsop peoples, one of the many coastal tribes that lived where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

To hear the magic rocks (starts at about :43), click here: Falcon Cove video

Front and back views of the Falcon Cove blanket by Pendleton

Made in the USA

Both blankets are completely woven and finished in our Pacific Northwest mills. They are ready to accompany you on all your spring and summer adventures, so get to planning. Spring is coming!


The Story of Falcon Cove: Pendleton goes to the Oregon Coast

A woman stands in an orchard, swirling the Falcom Cove blanket around her

Falcon Cove

One of Pendleton’s jacquards for Spring 2018 is Falcon Cove. The full pattern shows best in the Falcon Cove blanket, woven in natural hues of sand, grasses and seaside bluffs. These shapes and colors represent the harmony of a beautiful stretch of coastline where thousands of birds nest each year.

See the blanket here: Falcon Cove

The Falcon Cove blanket b Pendleton

This hidden cove on Oregon’s coastline is home to Magic Rocks Beach, where ocean-tumbled stones make a rumbling music when washed by the tides. Here’s a video link that captures the sound of the magic rocks in question at about 1:50. Bonus: Enjoy a romping German Shepherd while watching.

More than just blankets

Pendleton’s womenswear team has designed some beautiful transitional women’s wool pieces in the Falcon Cove pattern. Perfect for those Winter to Spring days!

A man and woman stand by a doorway, and she is wearing a coat in the Falcon Cove pattern

A man, woman and child stand in a driveway, she is wearing a Falcon Cove patterned jacket A man and woman walk down a

And don’t forget bags.

Falcon Cove bags

a family has a picnic, Falcon Cove bag in the foreground

So wherever you wander this year, take a little stretch of the Oregon coast along with you.

A picnic setup on a Falcon Cove blanket

And consider visiting Oregon’s Falcon Cove this summer, where the Magic Rocks are waiting.

Photos: Cassy Berry for Pendleton, Pendleton Woolen Mills

See the entire Falcon Cove Collection here: Falcon Cove

A woman stands by an orchard, wrapped in a Pendleton Falcon Cove blanket