Sunrise Eagle for the softest naps and night times.

A New Blanket

Is a new baby in the future for you or someone you love? If you’re looking for an heirloom baby blanket to welcome a little one, consider Sunrise Eagle (see it here:  Sunrise Eagle) 

A colorful play tent in bold strips holds toys and a Pendleton Sunrise Eagle child's blanket.

This child-sized blanket is made in the USA in our Pacific Northwest mills, and features soft virgin wool, bright colors, and a stirring story about the “super eagle,” Thunderbird.

Sunrise Eagle

Front and back views of the Sunris Eagle child's blanket by Pendleton, a cream, read, blue, green and gold pattern that shows an eagle at its center.

Thunderbird is important to many tribes and nations. He is often a messenger and a protector who brings the power of storms and the renewal that follows. In Navajo culture, some legends say Thunderbird’s eyes are made of the sun. When Thunderbird sleeps, night comes. When Thunderbird wakes, sunrise begins. Southwest symbols for rain, sun, storms are governed by Thunderbird’s mighty wingspan and voice of thunder. He watches over the world with eyes that hold the sun.

And more!

There is also a hooded towel in this pattern, for after-bath snuggles.

the Sunrise Eagle bath towel for children.

And while you’re at it, maybe Mom and Dad want a little Sunrise Eagle of their own?

A woman with long dark hair wears a cream-colored sweater and jeans. The sweater has the Sunrise Eagle pattern on the back, in blue.

A white t-shirt with a sunrise eagle pattern on the front in blue and green.

In a towel, in a blanket, or in your arms, however you wrap them, babies are wonderful. Here’s to some sleep-filled nights for the new addition.