Pendleton and Hunter Fans for 2019: as cool as it sounds!

Pendleton and Hunter work together

We are as excited as can be about our latest project with Hunter fans. These four-blade fans feature an LED light. There are two styles, with an exciting feature; the fan blades can be reversed, giving you a choice of two Pendleton patterns.

A living room featuring the Pendleton x Hunter fan. the room has white walls and a vaulted ceiling that's covered in wood, and paintings of cacti on the walls.

(see ottoman)

The matte black features Spider Rock and a tonal version of Eagle Rock.

A closeup of the matte black Pendleton x Hunter fan, showing the Spider Rock pattern on the fan blades.

The silver version features Canyonlands and a tonal version of Pecos.

A boutique selling floor featuring the silver Pendleton x Hunter fan with the Canyonlands pattern. The boutique has white walls, wood floors, and a stone wall behind the cash wrap.

A closeup of the silver Pendleton x Hunter fan that shows the Canyonlands pattern on the fan blades.

A bedroom with that features the silver Pendleton x Hunter fan. The room has white walls, an iron bed, and the bed has a Pendleton Star Watchers blanket and pillow shams.

(see Star Watchers blanket)


The blade patterns draw their inspiration from these blanket patterns.

Spider Rock  (throw)                                                Canyonlands (retired)


A side-by-side photo of the Pendleton Spider Rock throw to the left, and the Pendleton Canyonlands blanket to the right.

The Canyonlands blanket is retired, but has inspired a range of home items and clothes; see them all here: Pendleton Canyonlands

See the fans here: Pendleton and Hunter Fans

And be sure to check out the Hunter/Pendleton fan giveaway running on Instagram, with HGTV stylist Anita Yokota: @anitayokota

We love these fans for their unique Pendleton look, the versatility, and the superb Hunter quality. Yes, that’s right….we’re fans. 🙂

A living room with soaring wood-covered ceilings features the the silver Pendleton x Hunter fan. A stone fireplace at one end features the Pendleton Big Medicine blanket.

(see Big Medicine blanket)