Introducing Rock Point, a new collection for 2022

Rock Point

We’re excited to unveil our Rock Point blanket, and the beautiful accessories and apparel it inspired.

Pendleton Rock Point blanket

Rock Point –

Rock Point is a community in Arizona, part of the Diné/Navajo Nation that covers more than 17 million acres in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Rock Point is surrounded by rugged red rock formations, including Red Mesa, Two Sisters, North Arch, and Whale Rock, or Tsé Biná’ookaahí. Sandstone formations rise on a plain background that represents the desert floor, alternating with Los Ojos motifs joined together with arrows that point to the past and the future.

Everything else!

At, you can find the nine-element Rock Point pattern used in sweaters, scarves, an array of beautiful bags…even a cotton comforter. Our favorite examples are these coats.

This is the women’s 1930s Archive Coat. And yes, this is a design adapted from one of the coats in our archives, worn by actresses like Anita Page and Mary Pickford in the 1920s.

A woman with long dark hair wears the Pendleton Archive Coat.
The Archive Coat by Pendleton

See it here: Archive Coat

And read more about our archives here: The Pendleton Archives

Then, we have the Men’s Brownsville Coat, named for one of our early mills in the Pacific Northwest.

A man wearing a Pendleton Brownsville Coat.
The Brownsville Coat by Pendleton

You can see it here, with more photos that show off the exquisite pattern matching: Brownsville Coat

We’re in love with the modern possibilities of this very traditional pattern.