Baby New Year, with Pendleton

A smiling baby wearing a knit sweater, cap, track pants and small baby tennis shoes sits on a Pendleton camp blanket in the sunshine.


New Year is here

Happy 2019! We are celebrating with photos shared by proud Pendleton-loving parents…and their adorable babies.

Wool and babies

Wool is a fine choice for baby blankets. It’s natural, breathable, warm, lofty, and light. If you’ve ever touched one of our beautiful napped blankets, you know how soft they are. Above, Tiffany Galindo shows us some happiness on the newest Pendleton national park blanket – which celebrates Olympic National Park in Washington state.

The Pendleton Olympic National Park Blanket, folded so that the blanket label shows.The Pendleton Olympic national Park blanket, laid flat.


This blanket also supports a good cause. The National Park Foundation receives a royalty from the purchase of each national park blanket. Pendleton and our partners have donated more than $700,000 so far to support critical restoration projects in our national parks.

A sweet, chubby baby sits on a rug, leaning against a Pendleton baby blanket which is on a wall. The baby wears a kitted hat that ties under his chin, a striped shirt, and long knitted socks. A crocheted doll is on his lap.

@xavierxander_ and @tejanarendra

Traditional favorites

Oh, my goodness. Another adorable baby, this one with a Chief Joseph patterned child’s blanket. These blankets, like our parked blankets, are napped for extra softness and insulation.

A smiling baby lies on a Pendleton Thunder and Lightning blanket. The baby is wearing a light grey thermal knit onesie with small wooden buttons.


Another kind of napping

Napping is a special mill process that brushes up wool fibers. This creates a softer surface, and more air pockets to hold warm air.  In other words, napping wool doubles the cozy. Napping also makes wool easy to clean, as most soil doesn’t settle into the blanket–it brushes away. All the better for your little ones.

A Pendleton Chief Joseph blanket in turquoise, orange, black and white.

You can see a range of colors here: CHIEF JOSEPH CHILD’S BLANKET

More than wool

Cotton blankets have advantages, too. Knit blankets are stretchy, which is great for swaddling.

A newborn baby, wrapped in a knitte pendleton baby blanket, lies on a soft white sheepskin.


Cotton is also machine washable. If you’ve noticed how leaky babies can be, you’ll see the benefit there. Our Canyonlands Knit Cotton Baby Blanket is a beautiful way to wrap your baby in softness.

A newborn baby lies on a leather sofa next to a knitted pendleton baby blanket. The baby is wearing soft knitted clothing and a stocking cap, and the baby is yawning.


A knitted cotton Pendleton baby blanket in the Canyonlands pattern.

You can see the blanket here: Canyonlands Blanket for Baby

Stroller blankets

All Pendleton baby blankets are awesome stroller mates. But we do have a special stroller blanket in one of our most popular stripes, for baby’s adventures in the outdoors.

A toddler with adorable curly dark brown hair is asleep in a stroller, covered by a knitted Pendleton Glacier Park stroller blanket.


This cuddly cotton knit blanket is backed with faux Sherpa fleece for the ultimate in snuggle factor. You can see it here: STROLLER BLANKET

The knitted Pendleton stroller blanket in Glacier national park pattern.

These are all wonderful ways to celebrate the new babies in your life; to greet them with open arms and soft, warm Pendleton blankets.

Happy New Year!