Nike N7 and The College Fund blanket for 2019 – 7 Generations

7 Generations

7 Generations wool blanket, viewed from below, tossed into the air against a clear blue sky. This blanket is a partnership between Nike N7, Pendleton Woolen Mills, and Nike N7.

We are proud to present “7 Generations,” the latest blanket in the American Indian College Fund Collection which helps fund scholarships for Native American students. “7 Generations” is also our newest partnership with Nike’s N7 Fund, a trust whose mission is to bring sports to Native American and Aboriginal communities in the US and Canada.

Decoding the Symbols

Front and back views of the new N7/College Fund blanket by Pendleton, which has a large diamond shape in the middle, and a row of stepped designs at the top and bottom of the blanket. Colors are brown, gold, ivory, turquoise and rust.

This USA-made wool blanket illustrates the past, present and future of Native peoples. The central N7 motif represents the impact of each person (the diamond) on the three generations before and after (arrows). A storm pattern with zigzags of lightning honors heritage, while steps show the path to overcoming life’s challenges. The rich colors were inspired by traditional dyes, and reflect the beauty of the southwestern landscape.

The Designer

Designer Tracie Jackson sits on a wooden chair on a raised platform against a backdrop of white sheets. She looks to her left, chin in hand. She iw wearing a long skirt, white N7 t-shirt with a turquoise Nike swooshy, and traditional navajo jewelry and concha belt. On her feet she is wearing moccasins from the N7 collection that she designed. In her right hand she holds a shutter button, so she can take the photo herself.

This blanket was designed by Tracie Jackson, a Diné artist and designer from Star Mountain in the Navajo Nation. She is a 4th generation artisan. Her grandparents and mother are silversmiths, and both her maternal great grandmothers are rug weavers. Her family encouraged her to study the traditional art forms of her tribe, and with their support she became a painter, jeweler, beader, and graphic designer.

Tracie studied design at the University of Oregon and currently works in Portland, Oregon, designing for the Nike N7 program. This has been her dream job since she was 14 years old, when she first saw N7 at a Native basketball tournament. “I was taught to get an education and use it to help our Native community, which pushed me to become a designer for N7.”

Photos and Models

A group of seven native American women sit and stand on a raised platform against a backdrop of billowing white cotton fabric. They are dressed in Nike clothing and shoes, and wear traditional authentic Native American jewelry. Designer Tracie jackson sits in the center of the group, holding the shutter button to take the photo.

The photos of this collection are fantastic. You’ll notice that the designer and her models–athletes, leaders and activists–are holding shutter buttons, and choosing how to represent themselves in these photographs by taking their own shots. We are proud to be part of this.

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