THE LAST DROP FROM HIS STETSON: A special edition blanket by Pendleton

Celebrating 100 Years

In 1923, artist Lon Megargee depicted a cowboy kneeling to give his horse a drink from his upturned hat. This plainspoken masterwork was originally published on the cover of Western Story magazine. The John B. Stetson Company bought the rights to the image in 1923. Since then, it has been featured in Stetson advertising, as well as on hat boxes, posters, and on the liners of some of Stetson’s most iconic hats. 

An icon of the Stetson brand for more than 100 years, “The Last Drop from His Stetson,” endures as a symbol of the American cowboy’s values of resourcefulness, compassion and humility. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of “The Last Drop from His Stetson,” Stetson has partnered with Pendleton to reimagine Lon Megargee’s iconic artwork as a special-edition jacquard blanket.

The Stetson x Pendleton blanket on a rail fence against a background of snowy mountains.

The Artist

Artist Lon Megargee (1883-1960) was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved out west as a boy, where he began wrangling at age 13 and later spent time working as a cowboy in Wickenburg, Arizona. He drew upon his experience in the saddle to create “The Last Drop from His Stetson.”

A person wrapped in the Stetson and Pendleton blanket.

Stetson kicked off the 100th anniversary celebration with a limited edition Western hat. As part of the launch, they commissioned three contemporary artists, Logan Maxwelle Hagege, Thomas Blackshear and Bella McGoldrick, to reimagine Megargee’s original artwork in their own style.

Artworks inspired by "The last drop from his Stetson" painting

About the Blanket

Pendleton’s surface design team met with the team at Stetson to discuss ideas on how to translate this painting into a Pendleton blanket. The biggest challenge was to evoke the colors and detailed textures from the original artwork in a woven blanket design. Pendleton’s mill technical designer simplified the painting’s palette to meet loom requirements.

With drawing techniques and color arrangement in textile design software, our designers achieved a depth in color and texture that honors the original painting. Each CAD iteration was presented to the Stetson team, and revised based on feedback. The blanket is very much a collaborative effort of both teams at Stetson and Pendleton. 

Blanket, "The Last Drop From His Stetson", hanging on the doorway of a weathered barn.

The special-edition blanket translates the original artwork using a three-color jacquard weaving technique. It was woven on our looms in Pendleton, Oregon, and finished at our Washougal, Washington facility.  Each blanket is individually packaged in a Beaver State box and includes a “Last Drop from His Stetson” commemorative story card and custom sewn-on patch.

A close-up shot of the commemorative patch on the Stetson x Pendleton collaborative blanket

See more information here: “The Last Drop From His Stetson” blanket

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Joining Together

DJ Steve Aoki poses with actress/model Devon Aoki and more members of their family in TOMMY X PENDLETON collaboration clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger and Pendleton join forces, reimagining fashion for the great outdoors.

A fusion of two styles, two classics.

This USA-made wool blanket remixes Pendleton park stripes with a Tommy Hilfiger monogram.

A young girls stands on a beach wrapped in a TOMMY X PENDLETON wool blanket.

American Prep meets the Great Outdoors

Lean into your love of adventure with this backpack in a pattern inspired by the great National Parks of America.

Surfboards and a backpack from the TOMMY X PENDLETON collection.

See more of the collection here: TOMMY X PENDLETON

Yardbird X Pendleton

We just launched!  

Pillows by Yardbird in Pendleton patterns on an outdoor chaise.

We’re excited to show you our newest partnership with Yardbird. This collection seamlessly blends the deeply rooted American heritage designs of Pendleton’s wool blankets and the durability of Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics. Indoors or outdoors, these pillows bring our storied patterns to your home.

The Patterns

Pillows by Yardbird with Pendleton patterns.

Top and Bottom:

Harding – In 1923, President Warren G. Harding and his wife, Florence, visited Oregon’s Blue Mountain Country to dedicate a portion of the Old Oregon Trail. At the ceremony, leaders of the Cayuse and Umatilla Nations presented Mrs. Harding with a newly designed blanket based on the Chief Joseph blanket by Pendleton. In soft colors, the new design represented the First Lady’s sincerity and forthright nature—qualities greatly respected by Native Americans. Named the Harding Robe in 1926, it remains one of the most sought-after patterns manufactured by Pendleton Woolen Mills today.

Middle and Right:

Serape Stripe – Although the serape has its roots in Mexican weaving, Native American tribes in the Southwest began weaving serape-style blankets in the late 19th century. Originally, natural dyes were red or brown; the introduction of aniline dyes and machine-spun yarn gave birth to brilliant hues and finer stripes. Our serape blanket stays true to this classic historic style and can serve as a traditional shawl or decorative throw.

Grand Canyon – Stripe:  The mile-deep geology of Arizona’s Grand Canyon unfolds in a warm ombre of burnt umber, ochre, rust and red against a deep blue background of sky and shadow. This stripe is part of the Pendleton National Park series. Since 1916, Pendleton has offered a series of blankets honoring America’s National Parks with colors and stripes to pay homage to these treasured American landscapes. Since 2006, Pendleton and its partners have raised more than $1.5 million through the sale of Parks merchandise to support the National Park Foundation in its mission to preserve and protect the parks for future generations.

Lower Left:

Tucson – The Tucson area was originally home to the Pima tribe. A Pima legend says that in the beginning there was darkness, from which Creator emerged. He pulled a magic stick from his heart and formed a ball with its resin that grew into the Earth as he sang, “I make the world, and see, the world is finished…let it go, start it forth!” In this pattern, the magical creation stick helps bring the Earth, Stars, Moon and Sun from the darkness.

Learn More

See the Yardbird x Pendleton collection here: Yardbird x Pendleton Pillows

Learn more about Sunbrella fabrics here: Pendleton x Sunbrella

An Adirondack chair with a Pendleton and Yardbird pillow in the Harding pattern.
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Stanley x Pendleton for 2023 – Take it Outside!

A Quality Partnership

Stanley x Pendleton tumbler in a woman's hand

We are excited about the newest additions to our partnership with Stanley, the first name in insulated bottles. This partnership brings together two iconic companies, both in business for over a century, with strong commitments to utility and quality. It adds some exciting new choices: a pour-over set for perfectly brewed camp coffee and a stackable insulated tumbler, perfect for your other favorite brews. Stanley is a wonderful company to work with and the results are, well, outstanding!

The Patterns

Four insulated bottles, Stanley x Pendleton

Let’s take a deep dive into the patterns, including two patterns that generate donations to worthy causes related to the Great Outdoors.

National Park Stripe

National Park Stripe Stanley x Pendleton bottles

Pendleton Park Stripes celebrate America’s Treasures, with a portion of sales supporting the work of the National Park Foundation, the charitable partner to the National Park Service. Pendleton’s National Parks Collection helps to fund restoration and preservation projects, including the Grand Canyon Train Depot (still underway), the Many Glacier Hotel’s helical stairway (now completed) and the newest project, the Desert View Heritage Center.

See the entire collection: Pendleton for the National Parks

Wildland Heroes

Wildland Heroes Stanley x Pendleton bottles

Each year, crews of firefighters fight wildfires throughout America, protecting private and public lands. Sales of Wildland Heroes products generate a donation to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, which helps the families of firefighters who are killed in the line of duty, and assists injured firefighters and their families. 

See products that support this cause here: Wildland Heroes

These two patterns join two more:

Rob Roy

rob Roy Stanley x Pendleton bottles

Is it a tartan, or is it a plaid? In this case, it’s both. Also known as ‘Old MacGregor’, The ‘Rob Roy’ tartan is not officially registered with the Society of Tartans, but is associated with Scottish folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor. It’s also known as Lumberjack Plaid, Buffalo Plaid, and Buffalo Check. Whatever you call it, this red and black check evokes the Great Outdoors like no other pattern.

Rob Roy blanket (and throw and more) here: The Rob Roy pattern

Yakima Camp stripes

Yakima camp stripe  Stanley x Pendleton bottles

Pendleton Camp stripes evoke the outdoors in colors that reflect Western landscapes: forests, lakes, river gorges, coastal crags, and the rich colors of the high desert. Pendleton’s camp blankets were based on the ombre-striped bedrolls used by cattle hands and shepherds. During the day, they were tightly rolled and tied to saddles or packs. At night, their warm wool made for cozy sleeping under the stars.

See all the stripes here: Yakima Camp Stripes

Learn More

See the entire collection here: Stanley x Pendleton

Learn more about our partnership with the NPF here: Pendleton and the NPF

Read more about our latest project here: Desert View Heritage Center

Learn more here: Wildland Firefighter Foundation

All about Stanley: Stanley1913

Enjoy your time outdoors with Stanley and Pendleton, and thank you for taking us along.

Fire lookout

Wrangler® and Pendleton Woolen Mills Weave the Spirit of the West Into New Heritage-Inspired Collaboration

A New Collaboration

A man and woman sit together on a dock.

One of America’s most recognized denim labels, Wrangler®, and the world-class leader in wool, Pendleton Woolen Mills, have worked together to create the Wrangler x Pendleton Collection, a collection featuring long-lasting denim, wool and cotton pieces.

A man stands at a lakeshore wearing a hat and a Pendleton-Wrangler jacket.

Coupling the fine wool of Pendleton Woolen Mills with Wrangler’s legendary jeanswear, the collaboration highlights the natural beauty of the American Southwest through colorful patterns inspired by the iconography of the western landscape and the adventurous optimism of the cowboy spirit. 

A woman walks along the shore wearing a Pendleton-Wrangler jacket.

Wrangler x Pendleton offers both men’s and women’s styles, including jeans, sherpa jackets, hoodies, and graphic tees.

The Blanket

As a nod to the western legacy of both legendary brands, the assortment features a signature luxury wool blanket woven with a roping cowboy motif.

Pendleton Wrangler wool blankt, showing a man with a lariat in silhouette

Down to the smallest detail, this wool blanket honors the rich Western roots shared between two American icons: Wrangler® and Pendleton. Made in the USA from wool that’s spun, dyed and woven in the Pacific Northwest, it features a lassoing cowboy framed by a Southwestern-inspired design and a balanced pattern of arrows pointing in two directions. Reverses for two different looks.

A woman reclines on a dock.

Wrangler x Pendleton signifies one of the final collaborations in Wranglers 75th anniversary. The finale of the icon’s diamond anniversary will take place at the season-ending championship event, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, this December. Pendleton is extremely proud to have been part of the celebration for this iconic brand’s milestone!

A man wearing a wool jacket.

Where to find us:

The Wrangler Pendleton collaboration goods can be found in select retail stores, and online at

Wrangler: Shop the Collaboration

And Pendleton: Shop the Collaboration

Voice of the Body – a limited edition blanket by Andre Walker

Andre Walker

We are excited to once again work with renowned designer Andre Walker, as he brings his singular sense of style to the Pendleton looms for the very first time.

Designer Andre Walker, photo courtesy Andre Walker

Walker imagined, painted and designed “Voice of the Body” in his Brooklyn-based studio with the desire to have it tangibly come to life, and invited Pendleton to transform his artwork for the loom.

The limited edition blanket feature a striking set of deep brown eyes, vibrant pink lips in fellowship with a pictogram-like figure overlaying a cornflower blue, tan and yolk gradient.

Voice of the Body blanket by Pendleton Woolen Mills, designed by Andre Walker

Inspiration for the “Voice of the Body” painting and blanket came from Walker thinking about God and existence. “It’s about the spirit in the gut of our intuition as it remains hopeful in our expression of the voice of the body,” explained Walker. He views the painting and blanket as a muse for the singularity of humanity’s soul eschewing specifics of color, materiality and perception.

Pendleton’s designers and weavers always look forward to the challenge of expressing an artist’s ideas, and Walker’s dramatic vision comes across beautifully. Below is his original artwork, to which the blanket remains remarkably faithful.

Andre Walker's original artwork for the Voice of the Body blanket.

Pendleton and Andre Walker

This is the second collaboration for Pendleton and Walker. The first was Walker’s 2017 collection titled “Non-Existent Patterns” where he used Pendleton fabrics, including the Glacier National Park pattern to create pieces that he originally designed between 1982 and 1986. This collection is currently featured in The Met Museum’s exhibit “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” until Sept. 5, 2022. 

“I’ve taken our second exchange with Pendleton to another level, designing a singular textile artwork. I loved the idea that it was a universal utility free of physiognomic boundaries. It was magical to see the image come to life on the looms. Working with Pendleton is a perfect match of know-how, artistry and industry,” noted Walker.

The limited edition “Voice of the Body” blankets, signed by the artist, are now available on and at various luxury retail outlets.

Learn More

See the blanket here: VOICE OF THE BODY

Read previous posts about Pendleton and Andre Walker here:

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Pendleton and Benson Amps – It’s Official!

A New Partnership for Pendleton

A Tall Bird amp by Benson Amps, covered in striped Pendleton woolen fabric.
Photo courtesy Benson Amps

Our newest partnership with Benson Amps is here! Benson Amps hand builds heirloom quality amplifiers using components carefully selected for quality and tone. Now, select Pendleton fabrics will be available as a custom finish. Each Pendleton x Benson amp has a custom blue badge and a Pendleton shirt tag on the back.⁠

A Nathan Junior amp by Benson Amps, covered in ombre plaid Pendleton woolen fabric.
Photo courtesy Benson Amps

As their website says:

It rains a lot here in the Northwest during the winter, and there are only a few appropriate options to stay warm and dry (umbrellas are unacceptable here, not sure why). One of the best options, and the de facto approach of the Benson Amps staff, is just to wear Pendleton wool shirts everywhere, as a forever uniform.

That’s why we are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Pendleton Woolen Mills to create a line of Pendleton covered amplifiers!…Instead of taking a royalty, Pendleton has agreed to put part of the proceeds from this project towards creating a standing backline of our amps to be made available for festivals and events.

A stack of three amps by Benson Amps, covered in striped Pendleton woolen fabric.
Photo courtesy Benson Amps

If you’d like to see the amps in action, head over to Instagram and check out summer tours by  @nathanielrateliff@bigthiefmusic@thegaslightanthem and @moodymill.⁠

An amp by Benson Amps, covered in plaid Pendleton woolen fabric.
Photo courtesy Benson Amps

More info:

Benson Amp’s post:

Pendleton Instagram:

Benson Amps Instagram:

LEE® and PENDLETON – Announcing a New Collaboration

It’s a First

A jacket from the 2021 Lee/Pendleton collaboration

We are excited to announce the launch of our first collaboration with Lee®, the iconic apparel brand known for its timeless style. This limited-edition drop reimagines essentials from almost 300 years of combined apparel experience.

Original Lee® styles such as the Lee 101™ Jean, Union-Alls® and Storm Rider® Jacket have been remixed with exclusively designed Pendleton plaids and stripes. Each legacy pattern has been reimagined in new colorways, with fabrics woven in Pendleton’s USA mills.

Cone Denim

Two models wearing clothing from the Lee/Pendleton collaboration lounge on a sofa.

The jeans are crafted and sewn in Greensboro, North Carolina. These styles feature some of the last remaining American selvedge denim from Cone Denim’s White Oak Mill, which closed in 2017. This legendary, high-quality denim is woven on vintage Draper shuttle looms that only produced 100 yards a day.  

“Pendleton’s use of beautiful color and pattern has always been a source of inspiration. Working together is a dream come true,” said Betty Madden, vice-president of global design, Lee®. “We’ve taken a fresh design approach and incorporated Cone Mills’ selvedge denim to make this collection heirloom quality with stunning craftsmanship. I’m thrilled with this collaboration.”  

“Working with Lee® was a perfect pairing. Their authentic American heritage brand echoes Pendleton’s dedication to quality, design and textile innovation,” said Peter Bishop, Pendleton’s executive vice president of merchandise and design. “With so many years of combined craftsmanship and expertise, we’re excited to see this unique apparel and blanket collection come to life.”

More Info and Where to Buy

A man and woman pose wearing Cone Denim clothes from the Lee/Pendleton collaboration, with the blanket beside them.

The collection includes men’s and women’s jeans, shirts, jackets and Union-Alls, as well as a limited-edition woolen blanket made of an exclusive Pendleton® stripe design. The collection is available on Lee® and Pendleton’s websites, and later this month in select Pendleton retailers and independent boutiques.

For more information, visit



Ariat & Pendleton 2021 – the clothing.

Ariat and Pendleton part two has arrived

Ariat x Pendleton Do you remember the boots we showed you recently? Of course you do! Ariat and Pendleton Boots

We’re excited to show you the second part of this amazing collaboration for 2021; apparel for men and women that combines Ariat’s classic Western style with Pendleton’s iconic patterns.

Here is a sampler; just a peek, really, thanks to these photographers: @careeoke @celesteofthewest @cowgirl.cait

A woman in a western hat leans against a barn. She is wearing Ariat x Pendleton shirt.
A woman in a Pendleton patterned jacket by Ariat
A woman does up a man's shirt cuff. He iswearing an Ariat Pendleton shirt.
A woman in a western hat, a Pendleton Ariat shirt, and a sheepskin jacket.

There are many styles for men and women in the collection. Check out the complete looks here: Ariat Pendleton Collection