Shetland Wool Sweaters – Simply the Best

Shetland Sweaters

stack of folded men's Shetland sweaters by Pendleton
photo by Pendleton Woolen Mills

The Pendleton Shetland Crew Sweater is a fashion classic for both men and women.

A woman wearing a Pendleton Shetland wool sweater and jeans.

The name dates back to 1939, after a type of sweater favored by competitive rowers. And the wool? Well, some say the story of Shetland wool goes back to 1200 AD.

The Source: Shetland Sheep

Shetland wool comes from a special breed of Shetland sheep  that originated on Scotland’s Shetland Islands. In November 2011, Shetland wool that is still produced in the Shetlands earned a designation of “Native Shetland Wool.”

Like everything else in this day and age, Shetland sheep have migrated. Most of Pendleton’s Shetland wool is from New Zealand, a country known for humane treatment of sheep.

Shetland is spun to be lofty, so you get maximum insulation with minimum weight.

Shetland yarn doesn’t have guard hairs, like many other yarns, meaning it is surprisingly nice next to your skin.

Shetland sweaters wear well with little-to-no pilling. If you see a sweater with suede patches at the elbow, it’s probably a well-loved, well-worn Shetland.

Some Shetland yarns are solid colored, and some are heathered. We tend to choose heathers for our sweaters. With their flecks and blended tones, they are so visually interesting.

Pendleton Shetland

Pendleton has a variety of styles for men and women at our website. You can see them here:

A woman with wonderful curly hair wearing a Pendleton Shetland sweater.

Pendleton Shetland Sweaters for Women

A man wearing a Pendleton Shetland sweater, and jeans.

Pendleton Shetland Sweaters for Men

We offer additional Shetland styles, especially for men. Zips, vests, cardigans–whatever your heart desires. Whether you’re feeling the Fall chill, or doing a little early holiday shopping, come see what we have to offer.

photos by Pendleton Woolen Mills

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