Last Chance Blankets – 2022

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Spirit Seeker

The front of the Pendleton Spirit Seeker blanket.

The quest for knowledge leads the spiritual seeker on many paths. In Australia, bush people go on ritual wanderings known as walkabouts. The Babongo people of Africa have a rebirthing ritual that includes a journey to find spiritual truth.  Native Americans from many different tribes go on vision quests, rites of passage that include fasting, prayer, and a solitary journey to find life’s purpose. Spirit Seeker celebrates Spirit Seekers and their journeys with multi-directional arrows bordering a medallion, the central truth reached by multiple paths.

Gift of the Earth

Pendleton Gift of the Earth blanket

Learn more about this blanket here: Gift of the Earth

Saddle Mountain
Saddle Mountain blanket by Pendleton - gold, purple, blue and off white

Saddle Mountain is a scenic peak in the Oregon Coast Range, and the tallest mountain in Oregon’s Clatsop County. It is also one of the most beautiful places in Oregon to watch the sunrise. Bold blocks of warm colors evoke the rising sun in a design derived from early strip quilt patterns. In the center, a row of stylized stars evoke the planets Mercury and Venus, sometimes called Morning Stars, as they rise on a new day.

Morning Cradleboard

Bold colors and arrow shapes, Wendy Ponca's Morning Cradleboard blanket

Learn more about this blanket and the designer here: Wendy Ponca

Star Guardian

Crossed arrows stand for brotherhood and the setting aside of conflicts. A peaceful evening has come to the prairie. It is time to light the fires and draw together in the warmth of the fire circle. As logs crackle and flames flicker, stories rise on the night air. Stories of bravery and victory in battle. Stories of stealth and bounty in the hunt. Stories of tricksters and their clever magic. As they share their legends, the People are safe and warm in their tepees. Above it all shines Bear, the great guardian of the night skies.

When they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can see these blankets and more at Last Chance Blankets

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