GLCO x Pendleton – A New Collaboration

SoCal Dreaming

Garret Leight California Optical (GLCO) has partnered with Pendleton Woolen Mills for a limited edition blanket inspired by GLCO’s unique hometown, Venice Beach, California. The collaboration has a wonderful artistic synergy, thanks to GLCO’s brand roots, and Pendleton’s place in Southern California’s early surf scene.

A smiling woman wearing GLCO sunglasses reclines on the GLCO x pendleton blanket

(photo copyright 2021 GLCO)

The pattern, based on the unique geometric configuration of the historic Venice Beach Canals of Los Angeles County, shines in the bright colors of Venice Beach, where the sun meets the ocean.

GLCO x Pendleton blanket flat shot, copyright 2021 GLCO

Our Collaboration Partner

Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) is an eyewear lifestyle brand founded in Venice Beach CA in 2010. The brand brings a fresh perspective to tailored eyewear by blending classic and new, the iconic and the innovative in optical and sunglass collections handcrafted of the finest quality material.

So of course the pattern will also adorn a bespoke eyewear case! The case fits all styles of eyewear. It’s finished in the same whipstitch binding as the blanket, with a soft lens-friendly lining. No two of these cases will be alike.

GLCO x PWM blanket with the glasses case. 
Photo copyright 2021 GLCO)

Garrett Leight, Founder & CEO of GLCO, said, “I’ve been collecting Pendleton flannels for over two decades. So, when the opportunity arose to partner with this amazing heritage brand I had to jump all over it. Pendleton is the expert in what they do and are well known for world-class wools and fabrics. I’m excited to release a collaboration that embraces the roots of my hometown.”

Mill Time

The blanket draped over a white sofa. (photo copyright 2021 GLCO)

The blanket and case are made with wool woven in our USA mills. Enjoy the mill action here.

Here is a back view of the fabric on the roller.

GLCO x Pendleton blanket on the loom, copyright PWM 2021

The Canals

Those blues and yellows bring the blanket to life in the colors of California; especially the colors of sunny Venice Beach, an artsy, edgy neighborhood that’s home to the famous Venice Canals. These iconic waterways were designed by Abbott Kinney in 1905. Kinney wanted to bring the look and feel of Venice, Italy, to Los Angeles County.

1910 real estate flyer photo-Public domain By Venice Chamber of Commerce, Public Domain,

His original network of seven canals was soon joined by six more (the New Amsterdam canals). The Venetian ambience included gondolas with singing gondoliers who poled their way through this picturesque and beautiful seaside resort town. But when America’s love affair with the automobile heated up in 1920, the canals fell into disuse. Seven canals were filled in to make room for roads, and by 1940, the remaining six fell into disrepair. In 1992, those six canals were renovated and reopened.

Venice CA canal bridge unsplash photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Today, the canals form a waterway through one of the most beautiful and desirable residential neighborhoods in the area, a National Historic Site since 1982.

Venice Canal CA homes, Photo by tamara garcevic on Unsplash

Photo by tamara garcevic on Unsplash

Where to Find the Blanket

The limited edition blanket and custom eyewear case will be available starting October 19, 2021 on,, and GLCO retail stores nationwide.

A young woman wrapped in a blanket stands in front of greenery

(photo copyright 2021 GLCO)
Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton

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