Happy Mother’s Day from Pendleton Woolen Mills

A mother wearing a Pendleton scarf and hat, with her 2 year old daughter in a sun dappled orchard

Cassy Berry – @cassyberryphoto

To All the Mothers

To brand new mothers who are finding their way, and mothers who have this motherhood thing all figured out-

A mother and her baby son seated on a Pendletn Camp blanket, on a wooden dock by a still lake.

Cassey Lennon – @eyeamsun

To mothers-to-be, and mothers remembered-

A mother and her young toddler daughter sit on a Pendleton Weavers Series blanket , on dry grass near a red rock hill.

@merzydotes and @cosmic.american

For all your days and nights of work, worry, joy and laughter; we say thank-you, and we wish you the best.

Happy Mother’s Day.

 Pendleton gifts for Mother’s Day

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