Ginew: Surfing the PNW with a Pendleton blanket pattern

A man unpacks the back of his rig, and a Ginew surfboard with a Pendleton pattern leans against the vehicle.

Ginew goes Surfing

We are loving this surfboard, the newest incarnation of Ginew’s Pendleton blanket design.

…we could feel the energy of the ocean and began to hear the distant w aves. Exiting through a tunnel of dense trees, we suddenly appeared on the beach and were welcomed by the pounding surf and swooping gulls. What a sight.

See all shots and read more here: GINEW Surf story

Pendleton and Surfing

Fans of our brand know that we are no stranger to surf culture. Our Board Shirt was a favorite of the early SoCal surf scene, and graced the covers of several Beach Boys records. Our Surf Pendleton collection has been part of our Spring line for years. We have also collaborated with several surf brands.

You can read about new wool surboards–yes, boards made of wool–here: Firewire Surboards

A man stands on the beach, holding a Ginew surfboard.



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