Dude, Your Dog Needs a Sweater

We love The Big Lebowski, and we love dogs. This post is just a little sharing of that love.


We notice you have a lot in common with your dog.


Like, say, your attitude.


Or your style.


Maybe it’s your eyes.


Or your spectacular taste in sweaters. It doesn’t just tie the room together. It ties the whole family together. Around here, we call it “The Big Lebarkski.”

This post was partly to make you smile, and partly to continue the celebration of his Dudeness, and twenty years, two decades, the big Two-Oh of The Big Lebowski. So carry on, all you dudes. And take the dog with you.


Only available in XS at our website, but we’re working on it, Man.


Thanks for the photos, Dudes (top to bottom):







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