Five Generations in Pendleton Blankets

Five Generations

Today’s post is brought to you in honor of Native American Heritage Month. We received these photos from Sharon, and the words you read below are hers. We are honored to be part of this family’s traditions for five generations.

Five generations of Native American women wearing Pendleton blankets

Dear Pendleton;

“We are who we are because they were who they were”.

Since November is National American Indian Heritage Month, how fitting was it to take a picture of my daughter, Allie, in a beautiful Pendleton blanket. My parents have a picture of my Grandmother, Agnes, in a Pendleton blanket. I’ve always loved that picture and wanted to recreate it. Little did I know, my Mother, Christine, has a picture of her Grandmother, Ruth, in a Pendleton blanket. My mother and I decided to recreate the picture also.

Great-Grandmother Ruth

A painting of a Native American matriarch wearing a striped Pendleton blanket. Artist unknown.


Grandmother Agnes

A painting of a woman wearing a striped Pendleton blanket, holding a feather fan. Artist unknown.


Mother Christine

A Native American woman stands in the woods, wrapped in a striped Pendleton blanket.


Myself Sharon

A Native American woman with long, flowing hair stand


Daughter Allie

A young Native American woman with very long hair stands in a meadow

As you can see, we have worn Pendleton for generations. We are from the Otoe-Missouria tribe. Thank you for such quality and beautiful products.

A forever customer,


Thank you, Sharon!

For those of you who are interested, Sharon and her daughter Allie are both wearing  Chief Joseph robes. This is our most popular pattern year-to-year, and has been in the line for over a century. Sharon has chosen to wear hers reverse-side out, which shows more bands of color, one of the beauties of weaving on a jacquard loom.

See them here: Chief Joseph blankets

Mother Christine, Grandmother Agnes and Great-Grandmother Ruth are all wearing serapes. Serapes are not napped, which allows the colors to shine. We have mostly woven serapes in ombred stripes over the years, as worn in the two paintings.  We are intrigued by the extra patterning in Christine’s blanket, and we would love to see that one laid flat!

See our serapes here: Serape blankets



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  1. Some of the most beautiful people and Pendleton blankets I ever seen! Love these beautiful ladies with such a beautiful Heritage!

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