WOVEN: an interactive magazine for Pendleton Woolen Mills

cover of WOVEN, a woman runs in the snow

Issue Number One

We’re so excited to present the first issue of WOVEN , our Pendleton lifestyle magazine, celebrating winter, wool, and the romance of Pendleton.  We launched the print version last week at the Outdoor Retailer trade show, where it was received with enthusiasm. In the online version, there are links to stories and our Pendleton Threads podcast.

What’s inside?

Ready for a terrifying tale of winter survival? Click the link. Curious about where the money we raised for the National Park Foundation is going? There’s a link for that, too. With gorgeous photography by brand ambassadors including Brandon Burk, Shondina Lee, our #pendle10park explorers and more, WOVEN is a visual and storytelling feast.

Check it out here: www.pendleton-usa.com/mag

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