Happy Halloween from Pendleton Woolen Mills

Going that Extra Mile

We encourage our people to celebrate all the holidays, but the associates at our Lake Arrowhead Pendleton Outlet charmed the entire company with their recreations of our vintage ad posters.

Brandi brought to life “A MAN NEVER HAS ENOUGH PENDLETONS.”

a man never has enough Pendletons poster, and Brandi

Rose incarnated the “Every Pendleton owner wants another Pendleton” poster.

every Pendleton owner wants another Pendleton, with Rose

And Emili took on the ambitious “Vintage Canoe” poster.

canoe & Pendleton poster, and Emili

That’s the spirit, ladies.

We love it!

group photo of our awesome associates!

If you’re inspired to visit, please find us at:

Lake Arrowhead Outlet #52
Pendleton Woolen Mills
28200 HIGHWAY 189


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