Happy Birthday, Yellowstone National Park

Celebrating Yellowstone

March marks the birthday month of Yellowstone National Park. Covering 2,219,791 acres in Wyoming, Montana & Idaho, Yellowstone is recognized as the oldest National Park in America.

It was President Ulysses S. Grant who signed legislation to preserve the Yellowstone Wilderness for future generations, and his words are forever emblazoned on the north gate into the park: “FOR THE BENEFIT AND ENJOYMENT OF THE PEOPLE.”

Yellowstone north Gate Wikicommons

Visiting a Wonderland

Yellowstone is enjoyed by nearly four million visitors each year. Many are drawn by the unique  hydrothermal attractions of the geyser basins.

OurFreeWays_A girl in a hat surveys the geyesers of Yellowstone

Others are drawn to the hiking and camping.

OurFreeWays_ A packed SUV with Pendleton blankets
OurFreeWays_ Bag, boots, coffee cup on a picnic table

And many are drawn to fishing the pristine waterways.

OurFreeWays_ Sunrise over a pond

The Conservationist President

The following images are paired with quotes from Teddy Roosevelt, the “conservationist president.” These words capture his reverence and for and devotion to the wilderness. The beautiful photos were taken by a #Pendle10Parks explorers who brought the Yellowstone National Park blanket home to Yellowstone.

OurFreeWays_ The Yellowstone blanket, rolled in a leather carrier, with a bison in the distance
OurFreeWays_ Clouds gathering over a small herd of bison

“The extermination of the buffalo has been a veritable tragedy of the animal world.”

Even during times when the buffalo was considered to be extinct, small remnant herds grazed the Yellowstone wilderness, making it the only place in the United States where bison have continuously grazed since prehistoric times. Yellowstone is currently home to two of the largest buffalo herds on federally protected land.

OurFreeWays_ A girl wearing a hat drinks from a pendleton Yellowstone mug
OurFreeWays_ A man wearing a Pendleton shirt drinking coffee by a creek

“The farther one gets into the wilderness,

the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.”

OurFreeWays_ A woman wrapped in a Pendleton Yellowstone Park blanket

“Life is a great adventure…accept it in such a spirit.”

OurFreeWays_ A woman runs across a snowy field

Enjoy your explorations.

Thanks to Corey & Liz of @ourfreeways for #pendle10parks photography

See Pendleton’s Yellowstone blanket at http://www.pendleton-usa.com

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