#RCTID – Sunday is the DAY!

It’s Time to Win

We strongly suggest you read this feature by Dave Blanchard for OPB, which will tell you EVERYTHING.

Everything you Need to Know before the Timbers MLS Cup Game.”

Then grab your scarf and get set to wave it in honor of our Western Conference Champions, the Portland Timbers, as they compete for the MLS cup for the first time EVER!

Timbers fans, used with permission ot the Portland Timbers

The game is tomorrow.

Our Timbers are skilled, tireless and full of fire. Let’s cheer them on to victory!

Timbers blanket by Pendleton

And we want to remind you that you can pre-order your Timbers blanket, designed by a Timbers fan and chosen by Timbers fan votes.

See the blanket here: Timbers Blanket

Rolled blanket, with the words "Go Timbers!"

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