Star Wars and Pendleton for #ForceFriday Fun. It’s on.

It’s a Party, You’re Invited

Pendleton Star Wars invitation
Come to the party!

We’re closing down Portland’s NW Broadway on Thursday night to celebrate the preorder launch of our fantastic, amazing Star Wars Pendleton product. What’s this product, you ask? Well, we can’t even tell you until #ForceFriday officially begins, but here’s a hint: it’s limited-edition, iconically Pendleton and incredibly beautiful.

Star Wars Pendleton
No, this is not the product. You can’t see the product until #ForceFriday.

But don’t forget the party! 

We’re taking it to the streets!

On September 3rd , please join the #ForceFriday Block Party in front of our Home Store in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District. The party will happen on Broadway between Davis and Everett streets. What to expect: food carts, costume party, street performers, classic cars, prizes, giveaways, music, movie clips and special appearances. Event goes from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M. Pre-orders for the special product start September 4th at 12:01 A.M.

Star Wars Pendleton
No, this is not the product, either. But it’s so cool that you have to come to the party, yes?

Best of all? If you come to the party, you enter for a chance to win an Ultimate Collector’s set of Pendleton Star Wars product, all yours.

If you want to see the product in person, you need to come to the party; or, you can see photos at our website at . Preorder there, too!

Star Wars Pendleton Invitation
This is not the special product, either. This is your invitation. Use it.

Star Wars. Pendleton. Star Wars…Pendleton…Star Wars! Pendleton! YES!

Can you tell we’re excited?

13 thoughts on “Star Wars and Pendleton for #ForceFriday Fun. It’s on.

  1. I wish I could attend, I actually live in Pendleton, so I will have to be diligent about looking on the site to get an order in!!!

  2. Wish I had found out earlier so I coulda took the day off tomorrow. I’d have gladly drove 5 hours to come see this. Hopefully I can get my hands on some pre orders.

  3. Just saw this and had to share it with everyone. I’m not a Star Wars groupie but to see the union of the two what a way to represent. Missed the party last night but do you have any party favors left? Hitting your outlet in Centralia because they’ve told me they’ll match your on-line Labor Day Sales… so cool.

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