Enjoy Summer Picnics with Hand-Stitched Home by Susan Beal

A Crafty Summer

Summer won’t last forever, no matter how much you wish it would.

copyright 2014 by Burcu Avsar

If you’re the crafty type, you might like to take Pendleton along on one of your summer adventures. We suggest you check out this Picnic Blanket, a project designed by the super-talented Stacy Brisbee. It’s one of the projects curated by Susan Beal in her book, Hand-Stitched Home, published by The Taunton Press.

Hand-Stitched Home Cover

Susan is part of Portland’s extensive crafting community, and a frequent visitor to our Woolen Mill Store.

She blogs here: West Coast Crafty.


As a crafter, Susan appreciates the properties of wool that make it so wonderful to work with. Her book is full of ideas, patterns and advice, with projects geared to all levels of crafting skill. We love everything she’s done with our wool-by-the-yard.

More info:

You can find all kinds of beautiful wools for this blanket at  our Woolen Mill Store (www.woolenmill.store). You can follow Susan Beal here:

blog: westcoastcrafty.com

Instagram: @westcoastcrafty

Buy the book: Hand-Stitched Home

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