Pendleton Jacquard Plates, Cups, and Tabletop Style.

Tabletop Perfection

We were so excited when we found just the way to showcase some of our jacquard patterns in these plate sets. Our Pendleton Home team had fun isolating the design elements, figuring out the most pleasing rations and repeats, choosing accent colors. These patterns really know how to liven up a tabletop.

Here’s a closer look at Hacienda, based on our Hacienda blanket.

jacquard_hacienda - Copy

Journey West:

jacquard_journey_west - Copy

Saxony Hills:

jacquard_saxony_hills - Copy

And everyone’s favorite pattern this year, Spider Rock:

jacquard_throw_spider_rock - Copy


We’re especially happy to see two of the patterns in a tabletop feature in COWBOYS & INDIANS magazine.

Cowboys & Indians magazine cover

Spider Rock above, Journey West below.

Cowboys & Indians magazine photo spread featuring Pendleton tabletop

And there’s no better way to set off western tableware than one of our blankets: Spirit of the Peoples shown below.

Cowboys & Indians magazine photo spread featuring Pendleton tabletop
jacquard_spirit_ofthe_peoples - Copy

So if you’re wanting to make sure that your first morning cup of coffee reaches your lips in a mug you’ll treasure, consider ours.

Available in sets of four per pattern.

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