On Route 66 with Pendleton and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Get your kicks…

You’ve probably bought yours, and you probably didn’t buy it to look at the blankets, but we are pleased as can be to be featured in the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Here’s a fun little movie that gives you a look behind the scenes: Behind the Tanlines

Seriously, the movie fun to watch. It captures the reactions of locals as a bunch of bikini-clad beauties breeze into the small towns along Route 66. Between their sessions of stretching, pouting and posing, the models are a sweet and somewhat goofy bunch of women. Here’s a fetching still of Ariel Meredith to get you interested.

Brave Star

Ariel Meredith

Yes, the photos were taken along Route 66, so our Americana design, Brave Star, was a perfect choice.

Brave Star blanket

Sara Sampaio posed with the blanket, as well, and in the magazine you can see it with Ashley Smith.

Sarah Sampaio


Our Serape makes an appearance in the foothills with the natural beauty of Jessica Gomes.

Jessica Gomes
Pink serape blanket


Our Chimayo throw blends perfectly with the landscape, letting Nina Agdal’s beauty shine. It’s shown in Agave Stripe, and our photo below is the Coral version.

Nina Agdahl
Pendleton Chimayo THrow in COral
Bright River

And of course, there’s the stunning Robyn Lawley with the Bright River blanket.

Robyn Lawley
Bright River blanket by Pendleton

We also sent along a Route 66 blanket, but that doesn’t seem to have made its way in.

The magazine has other shots, equally as beautiful but risque enough that we are going to let you pick it up on your own to see them. Certainly these photos are gorgeous enough!

Blanket photos by Pendleton Woolen Mills, all model photos used with permission from Sports Illustrated, Incorporated. 

Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton