POPEYE magazine–Japan’s Take on Surf Pendleton

Japan is talking about Pendleton.


Spread of Pendleton in Popeye magazine

Spread of Pendleton in Popeye magazine

What is Popeye saying about us? As usual with Japanese PR, we have only a vague idea of what’s been written, here. We do know these travel spreads are alive with enthusiasm and full of Pendleton. Our Reyn Spooner Kloth shirts are shown, as well as the Surf madras shirts , and towels, and muchacho blankets, and hey, that’s our CEO, Mark Korros, relaxing at the Pendleton Home Store!

Korros relaxing in the Home store

Our favorite is this shot with the Original Surf Plaid Board Shirt as worn by the Beach Boys way back when.

Popeye_Board_Shirt - a laughing man wearing a Board Shirt

Thanks to POPEYE for the visit and for the press. All photos are used with permission.

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