The Rogues on the Rogue: The Adventure that Almost Wasn’t.

Guest Post by Greg Hatten

One of Greg's "River Rat" friends on the river.

Our friend Greg Hatten of the fantastic adventures in wooden drift boats sends this:

This particular Rogue River adventure will be known as the trip that “almost wasn’t”. Even before the trip permit date of Oct 9th, we were threatened with a closed river due to fire and smoke in August and then again in September due to high water after a three day record rainfall.  None of us could’ve predicted the most serious obstacle of the Government “shutdown” on Oct 1st resulting in the cancellation of our trip permit through the Wild and Scenic Section.

Didn’t stop us. We had a fantastic trip with a record number of fish being caught, bears being spotted, rapids run backwards, and fantastic food consumed.  It was another special adventure.

Here’s the video.

The days were low 60’s and the nights were mid 30’s and I stayed warm in canvas and wool. Last year I spent over two months sleeping outdoors in a cowboy bedroll and a Pendleton National Park blanket.

Camping with canvas and wool - Greg Hatten

Thanks, Pendleton team – you guys make great products that are an authentic part of every adventures we take.

Greg Hatten

Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton

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