Greg Hatten says Hello.

Greg Hatten

We mention Greg on this blog fairly often. He’s a wooden boat crafter and enthusiast, and he’s also just a great guy with infectious enthusiasm and tremendous knowledge of the rivers and byways of the American West. It was amazing enough that wooden boats ran the the Grand Canyon in 1962; it was just as amazing that Greg and his crew built wooden boats by hand and ran it again fifty years later.

Here’s a recent note from Greg:

It’s been a winter filled with rain, snow, and presentations on the Grand Canyon trip. I’ve been speaking A LOT & having fun doing it. I show my audiences the little video I created to tell the story. I was fortunate to meet Martin Litton and his wife last month down in California. He’s 96 years old & still remembers a lot of the details from his “river running” days. He gave me a number of old videos of his original trips from the early 60s. It was a memorable day.

Greg’s projects have a real connection to history and devotion to authenticity. We like to think Pendleton has some of the same.  Here is the video. Enjoy!

Made in USA label with eagle for Pendleton

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  1. Absolutely love Greg on the Grand Canyon!! I’ve been there but never got to boat it! Been as far as you can go up on s big motor boat from Lake Mead, it’s so beautiful!! 😉 Would love to boat down it, what a Blast that would be!! Have Fun, Enjoy Life While You Can!! ♥♥

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