Pendleton and Lindsey Thornburg: Art that Tells a Story

A Fresh Viewpoint

Lindsey Thornburg

Designer Lindsey Thornburg is a former philosophy student who grew up in Colorado and Montana. She has been working with Pendleton fabrics since 2008, when she returned from a trip to Machu Picchu and started bringing her inspirations to life with vintage Pendleton blankets from her father’s Montana home. The cloaks she makes use familiar Pendleton patterns, geometrically realigned for a completely new (and utterly stunning) effect.

The Cloaks

Cloak by Lindsey Thornburg made from a Raven blanket

Lindsey brought her work to NYC in 2008. Her signature cloaks were featured on street style blogs and the mainstream press sat up and took notice. Thornburg continued to use Pendleton fabrics for her first cloak collections, making trips across the country to personally select fabrics at the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store.   “Pendleton is the American wool company making the best textiles in the game,” says Lindsey. “People are inquisitive about Pendleton. Its iconic fabrics are now seen on the streets of New York and across America.”

Lindsey Thornburg cloak

 In 2012, Ms. Thornburg and Pendleton have made it official with a new co-brand, Pendleton by Lindsey Thornburg. The new collection is available early fall in specialty boutiques, the Pendleton Home Store in Portland, Oregon, online   and in the Pendleton Home catalog.

“We have been watching Lindsey since first meeting her in 2007,” says Robert Christnacht, Pendleton’s Home Division manager. “She honors the Pendleton fabric with her creative cloak designs.”

Lindsey Thornburg cloak made from a Los Ojos blanket

Lindsey is just as excited to be working with Pendleton. “It is an honor to be working with a company that is over 100 years old and incorporates Native American ideals. I am inspired by them, and love their American fabrics.”  Lindsey adds, “Look at the Chief Joseph image. The photo expresses the same idea; a blanket covering for practical reasons. I give the blanket sleeves, adding a modern twist on how they would want a blanket to be used.”

“It’s art that tells a story.”

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