Patriotic Pendletons: Blankets with a Message

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As an American company with strong roots in the West, Pendleton Woolen Mills seeks to make blankets that are meaningful as well as beautiful. Four blankets in particular deserve recognition on this important holiday.


Brave Star pendleton blanket

The Brave Star blanket  celebrates the patriotism of Native Americans who have defended our country in battles since the 19th century. The design, based on the American flag, marries modern asymmetry and vintage Americana. The unique striations reflect a time when dyes were made from plants.



Grateful Nation Pendleton blanket

The Grateful Nation blanket  honors the sacrifice of brave men and women who have defended freedom throughout the history of theUnited States of America. Each authentically colored stripe represents a service ribbon awarded to veterans of historical conflicts in which our country has engaged:

  • World War II Asiatic Pacific Campaign
  • World War II Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign
  • Korean Service
  • US Vietnam Service
  • Southwest Asia Service (Gulf War)
  • War on Terrorism


Code Talkers Pendleton blanket

The Code Talker blanket honors the crucial role played by Native Americans in defending our country during World War II by developing a code that could not be cracked, based on the Navajo language. Many have seen the popular movie “Windtalkers”,  but the actual history of the code talkers  is more riveting than any fiction.  This blanket is officially retired as of 2012.


Home of the Free Pendleton blanket

Home of the Free is an older retired blanket from the early 2000s. Roaming buffalo and the Stars and Stripes speak of the spirit of the West. If you are lucky enough to have one of these retired blankets, cherish it. This blanket is nearly impossible to acquire, as it spoke to so many Americans after the events of 9/11.

Made in the USA

Our blankets are proudly made in the USA. Please visit one of our union mills  if you can, to see exactly how we produce our textiles and finished blankets.

And from our family to yours, have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.

6 thoughts on “Patriotic Pendletons: Blankets with a Message

      • I have a code talker blanker that I just found and rescued from a Pawn son- in- law is a career Coast Guard Member and loves Pendleton as do I. I was luck enough to have been at the Heard Museum in Phoenix when the Code Talker were honored for their service in the ’80’s which makes this blanket really special to me.
        My son- in- law is a career Coast Guard Member and loves Pendleton.This will be his Christmas gift.

        Was the Code Talker Blanket a limited edition?

  1. I just returned from an ‘honoring’ ceremony by the Tribal Veterans at the Wacipi Dakota Pow-wow for graphic memorial work I’ve done over the past five years. One of the Elders bestowed this incredible Pendleton ‘Home of the Free’ blanket upon me. I have never received such a fantastic gift or that level of appreciation in my entire 57 years. This is an awesome creation that I will cherish for the rest of my days.

    • Lonnie, we are honored to have been included in this, and thank you for letting us know about it. Thanks so much for your memorial work. The story of Native American service people and veterans is not told enough in this world. Thank you for your part in making it known.

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