Our new designer visits the Washougal Mill

Today’s slide show of our Washougal Mill is brought to you by our new Menswear designer, Eli Hoshor. He’s a gifted designer, but he’s also a fantastic photographer. His  eye for detail makes these photos shine. But before you have a look at them, let’s find out a little about Eli.

His last position was with Ralph Lauren, and when asked if Portland is a big change for a man from Manhattan, he laughed out loud. “I grew up on a farm in Ohio, so it’s not as big a change and you think.” He left Ohio for New York to attend FIT for menswear design, and has also worked for Tommy Hilfiger and J Crew. “This isn’t as corporate an experience, and I like that. I can tell I’m working for a family business.”

Eli’s goal as a designer is to “highlight essence of Pendleton menswear.” He’s been digging deep into the archives, which he calls “the real goldmine when it comes to authenticity. There’s nothing fake about Pendleton. The historical element of the brand is awesome.” As he points out, “This is the first company I’ve worked for that owns its own mills!”

So let’s go share Eli’s tour of the Washougal mill, from scales and bales to labels and lengths.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “Our new designer visits the Washougal Mill

  1. Looking forward to Eli returning some masculinity to the Oregon’s native brand. Leaning a bit too far to the gal side of things in the last number of years.

  2. New energy for menswear, welcome Eli. Bet my old friend and blanket rep Barry Friedman is interested for our old friend Sam Bell schlepped the Pendelton menswear line all over the West for years; based out of the Denver Merchandise Mart.
    Best of luck to all with your wool in 2012.
    Christine Verzuh
    (Near RL’s ranch)
    Colorado, USA

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